Including the families of

1735 - 19th TERRACE NW

1750Elizabeth (NAMBURGH) CORSA, first wife of Teunis CORSA, died about 1750. Her widower, Teunis CORSA (alias Teunis REESER, Dennis DeCOURSEY), married second, 2 February 1752, at Smithfield, Penna. to Rachel (VanGORDEN) SCHOONMAKER, widow of Jochem SCHOONMAKER of Minisink. Some of the SCHOONMAKER children (including Petrus SCHOONMAKER, bpt. 1749, alias Peter DECOURSEY) took the "DECOURSEY" surname of their stepfather.
1750A list of inhabitants of Dansbury, Lower Smithfield Township (present Stroudsburg), Pennsylvania in 1750-55 includes the names: Denis RESER, Daniel SHOEMAKER, Garret SHOEMAKER, and Jochem SHOEMAKER.
1751Russie VanAKEN married 1 March 1751, at Walpeck, N.J. to Daniel KORTRECHT (both living in Upper Smithfield). The witnesses at the baptisms of their children were Cornelis VanAKEN and Hester RELYE, his wife; David VanAKEN and Magdalena SCHOONMAKER.
1751Helena, dau. of Jochem SCHOONMAKER and Rachel VanGORDON, was baptized, 28 Apr 1751, in the DRC at Smithfield, Pennsylvania. Witnesses were Benjamin SCHOONMACHER and his wife, Lisbeth DUPUY.
1751Jochem SCHOONMAKER (1712-1751) died at sea in 1751, and his widow, Rachel VANGORDON, married second at Smithfield, Pennsylvania, 2 February 1752, to Teunis RESER (also known as Teunis CORSA or Dennis DeCOURSEY), widower of Elizabeth VanNAMBURG. Teunis and Rachel (VanGORDON) CORSA had children: Benjamin RACER m. Maria CHESNOR; Hannah CORSA m. Ezekiel SCHOONHOVEN; William DeCOURSEY m. Elizabeth IRVIN; Rachel CORSA m. Jonathan BAKER; and Abraham m. Jan Van de MARK.

(Note: Teunis CORSA (also known as Teunis REESER) and his first wife, Elizabeth VanNAMBURG had children baptized on the Dutch Reformed Church records of Tarrytown "Sleepy Hollow", New York.)

1752Jan (BEATTY) COVINGTON of Reno, NV wrote "In the Pennsylvania land sales were entered some items from Minisink area which showed the sale of the land of the late Jochem SCHOONMACKER in 1752." No reference source was given. A map showing the land owned by Jochem SCHOONMAKER and his relative Aaron DUPUY is shown on page 12 and 14 of
1752Jacob LIVINGOOD was born in Tulpehocken twp., Berks County, Penna., on 26 January 1752. His grandfather of the same name came with the German colony, from New York Province, in 1729.
Pennsylvania-German Society, PROCEEDINGS AND ADDRESSES at ALLENTOWN, NOVEMBER 2, 1906 (1908), Vol.XVII, p.386.
1752Northampton County, Pennsylvania was created from Bucks County in 1752.
1752Denis REESER (also known as Teunis CORSA, Dennis DeCOURSEY), widower of Elizabeth NURNBURGH, married second, 2 Feb 1752, to Rachel vanGARDEN, widow of Jochem SCHOONMAKER in the Dutch Reformed Church of Smithfield, PA. They were both residents of Smithfield at the time. The town of Smithfield had been established in 1748 near the present site of Stroudsburg, just across the river from Walpack, NJ. The town was founded by Daniel BRODHEAD of Marbletown, NY; and most of the inhabitants came from the vicinity of Kingston, Marbletown, and Minisink.
See Ralf Ridgeway Hillman, OLD DANSBURY and the MORAVIAN MISSION, p.81,passim.
Also see C.G. Hine, THE OLD MINE ROAD (1909), reprinted 1963, passim.

Because of the hostilities of the Indians and the French leading up to the colonial wars of 1753-1763, it probably was not advisable in the Colonies to have a French sounding name; hence Teunis CORSI (Dennis DeCOURSEY) often used the anglicized version of his name "REESER". Note that the French "COURSIER" pronounced "Coursay" is translated to "RACER" in English also "STAM" in Dutch as it was used by some of the early deCOURCY's in Holland and New Amsterdam. Several RACER descendants in Ohio, WV, and elsewhere are aware of their DeCOURSEY heritage.
See GRACE RACER GENEALOGY, Campus Maritus Library, Marietta, Ohio; Marrietta Chapter DAR, EARLY BIBLE RECORDS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO (Marietta, Ohio, 1940), p.115.

"The 'Log Church' (at Smithfield, Penna.) was situated on the northeast border of the WALTER farm, 2 miles from Shawnee, on the bank of a stream, near the WEAVER house. In 1737 George Wm. MANSIUS of Kingston visited the Log Church. In 1741 Casparus FRYENMOUTH was its first regular pastor. This was the Lower Smithfield Church.

"In 1752 the Presbyterian Meeting House was built. It was known as the Old Stone Church. It was used by Presbyterians, Dutch Reformists, and Lutherans."
THE DECKER QUARTERLY, (October 1980), Vol.I, No.1.

1752In 1752, a Kings Court had been established at Easton, some twenty miles directly south of Dansbury (Smithfield), which point became the seat of legal administration. A petition of June 13, 1752, for a new constable for Dansbury (Misc. Mss. page 53, Hist. Soc. of Penna.) shows Dennis RESER to have been a resident of Dansbury at that date. A photograph of the original document showing the signatures of John PIERCE, Dennis RESER, is printed in
Ralph Ridgeway Hillman's, OLD DANSBURY and the MORAVIAN MISSION (1934), p.10,81-88,passim.
1752Inhabitants of (Danbury) Lower Smithfield twp., Penna, 1750-1755, as recorded in petitions, reports, warrants, surveys, patents, etc. include Denis RESER (Dennis DeCOURSEY), Jacob RESER, John PIERCE, Manuel GUNSOLUS, John VanETTEN, Frances DELONG, Moses RAY, John VanETTEN, Daniel SHOEMAKER, Garret SHOEMAKER, Aaron DUPUIS and Samuel DUPUIS. Ralf Ridgeway Hillman, OLD DANSBURY and the MORAVIAN MISSION (1934), p.10,81-88,passim. Hillman prints a map showing the location of land belonging to Jochem SHOEMAKER, John VanCAMPEN, Daniel SHOEMAKER, Jonathan BARBER, Manuel GUNSOLUS, Hugh PUGH, and others.

It is probable that it may have been sons of the Jacob RESER mentioned above who settled in Culpepper Co., Virginia and the Carolinas. He may have been father of the Christian and Peter RASOR who applied for pensions on their Revolutionary War service from Virginia.
See National Archive Pension files #R8599 & W8600.
Charles Huffman, THE GERMANNA RECORD, No.6,pp.89-90.

For an interesting connection between this RESOR-RACER family and the SPILMAN family of Culpeper Co., VA see VIRGINIA SOLDIERS OF 1776, pp.1048-1049. Note also that William DECOURSEY (1784-1858), son of William, b.1756, and grandson of Dennis RACER, married 1808 to Martha Frank SPILMAN.
See Malcolm Melville, THE SPILMAN PAPERS.

1753Abraham LENT married, 11 Sept 1753, Jannetje CURSE, dau. of Benjamin and Jannetje (REYERA) CORSSE. DRC of NY.
1753Benjamin CORSEN of the Manor of Fordham, Westchester Co., New York, deposed on, 21 November 1753, that he had seen a notice of sale of church property at Fordham posted for the required four weeks.
1753Hannah and Benjamin, born 13 Nov 1752 (twins), children of Tunis REESER and Rachel VANGARDEN were baptized in Smithfield, Pennsylvania, 11 Feb 1753. Witnesses were William KENNEDE, Benjamin SCHOONMACKER and his wife, Lizabeth DuPUYE. This baptism was recorded in Deerpark.

Benjamin RACER (1752-1823, also known as Benjamin CORSA) married Maria CHESNOR dau. of James CHESNOR. Benjamin RACER died, 21 May 1823, in Lower Newport, Washington Co., Ohio, and was ancestor of the RACER family lines. Descendants of Benjamin RACER were aware of their DeCOURSEY heritage.
See: Clyde POWELL mss. and Grace RACER GENEALOGY at Campus Maritus Library, Marrieta, Ohio;

Hannah REESER (also known as Hanna CORSA) married Ezekiel SCHOONHOVEN. (This Ezekiel SCHOONHOVEN was the famous surveyor of the Western Reserve in Ohio.)

1753On 16 December 1753, "Johannes van AKEN, young man, born at Nepenack and dwelling at Upper Smithfield, betrothed to Maria Van GARDEN, young woman, born at Shippekonk and dwelling among Menissink." They were married 18 January, 1754.
Recorded from Minisink Valley Church Records by Dorothy K. Alvis of Little Rock, Ark.
1754Simeon BUYS married, 20 Feb 1754, to Josyntje CORSA in the Presbyterian Church of Rumbout, NY.
1754In early 1754, Col. George WASHINGTON was directed by Gov. DINWIDDIE of Virginia to recruit 200 men in Frederick and Augusta Counties, Virginia for service against the French and Indians who were seriously threatening the Frontiers of Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc. --- Michael FRANKS enlisted, 18 March 1754, as a private at Wills Creek on the Maryland-Virginia border. His name appears in the plaque at Ft. Necessity as one of the participants in the Battle of Great Meadows on 3 July 1754, which, after an early victory over a small detachment of the French and Indians, was a disaster for the Colonial and British Troops. Fort Necessity is in the "Great Meadows" in what is now Wharton Twp., Fayette Co., Penna., and has been made a National Monument. A few miles from Fort Necessity is General BRADDOCK's grave. General BRADDOCK had been sent from England with regular British troops to recover the territory lost to the French. Even with the aid of Col. WASHINGTON's troops, this campaign also ended in disaster with the death of General BRADDOCK in the battle of 8 July 1755.
Franks, Alice A., and Sublette, Donald J., THE MICHAEL FRANKS FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY (Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1979), p.38.
1754Lisabeth, dau. of Johannes van AKEN and Marya Van GARDEN, was bapt. 3 Nov. 1754. Sponsors were Daniel KUYKENDAL and Lisabeth van AAKEN, his wife.
1755Tobias LENT, j.m., and Annatie Van TESSEL, J.D., both born and living on the Menner of Cortlant, were married 4 January 1755 in the Dutch Reformed Church of Phillipsburgh (Tarrytown, N.Y.).
1755In 1755, Hendrick DECKER and William and Sarah (DECKER) TIETSOORT (now spelled TITSWORTH); and the COLE and KUYKENDALL families, left Port Jervis, N.Y., and settled in Sussex Co., New Jersey. DECKER and TITSWORTH founded "Deckertown" (now called Sussex), and the COLES founded "Coleville".
from Irene Imbusch of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
1755A list in the archives of the Collegiate Church in the city of New York records persons with amounts due as of May 1, 1755, and includes the following:
Johannes VERMILYE (half brother of Teunis CORSSE, b.1704)
The widow BRUYN (Eeverdt BRUYN m. 13 Apr. 1745, to Annatie CORSSEN)
The widow ODELL (prob. Hannah (VERMILYEA) ODELL, widow of Isaac ODELL and a half-sister of Teunis CORSSE, b. 1704.)
Benjamin CORSEN
Hendrick BRUYN
Abraham LENT (cousin of Elizabeth (vanNAMBURG) CORSA, first wife of Teunis CORSA, b. 1704.)
Michael ODELL
Frederick BRUYN
Jacob LENT (cousin of Elizabeth NAMBURG who married Teunis CORSA)
Peter VALENTINE (He m. Sarah VERMILYEA, half-sister of Teunis CORSA).

See: Harry C. W. Melick, THE MANOR OF FORDHAM AND ITS FOUNDERS (1950), pp.131n-132n.
1755For several years the settlements at the forks of the Delaware were under repeated attack by the Indian allies of the French. In November of 1755 the town of Danbury, PA was destroyed by the Indians whose "long smoldering rage" burst out in a flood following the news of BRADDOCK's defeat at Fort DuQuesne (Pittsburg). Hillman published a letter found among some papers on Monroe Co., Penna in Historical Society at Philadelphia which lists the names of settlers who had their homes burnt in the raid of 1755. This list includes the names of Dennis RACER and Jacob RESER. The letter dated December 20, 1755 reads as follows:

"The enclosed is a list of persons killed and houses burnt in the upper part of Northampton County, as near as I could collect, which may be depended upon as authentic. The barbarous and bloody scene which is now open in the above place is the most lamentable that perhaps has ever appeared. There is no person who is possessed of any humanity but would commiserate the deplorable fate of these unhappy people. There may be seen horror and desolation, populous settlements deserted, villages laid under ashes, men, women and children cruelly mangled and massacred, some found in the woods very nauseous for want of interment, some just reeking from the hands of their savage slaughters, and some hacked and covered all over with wounds. Samuel DUPUI seems to be very near being in the same deplorable situation, and will unavoidably share the same fate with his neighbors. On his applying to Mr. STEWART and myself, we raised a fine company of men to go to his assistance, and when we arrived there, we were informed that BRODHEAD's house, which is about five miles further down, was surrounded and besieged by the Indians, upon which we marched to his relief and escorted him and his effects to Delaware, with what cattle and effects we could find in the night. We continued thereabouts four days, and all the while heard nothing but outcries and alarms, and our sentries were fired upon by some Indians hovering around DUPUI'S home, which may be deemed a sure prognostic of its destruction.---".
Appended to this letter was a list of 89 dead and 40 who had lost their homes. The list of dead included Lambert BRINK; Cornelius VANAKEN and Garet VanCAMPEN with fifteen of their families; Brewer DECKER and family. The list of the houses burnt included those of Dennis RASER and Jacob RASER.
Ralf Ridgeway Hillman, OLD DANSBURY and the MORAVIAN MISSION, p.9,12,14,81,83,88,passim.
See also YESTERYEARS, 7-28,p.207-218;

"During the autumn of 1755, word of the Indian uprisings reached Easton. These raids started along the Susquehanna and spread Northeastwardly, until in the latter part of November they reached Northampton County. On the 23rd of that month, the Gnadenhuetten massacre occurred. The usual clear sky became darkened by clouds of massacre and rapine, and as the days of 1755 became fewer and fewer, the clouds became darker and darker. Friedensthal, the Vale of Peace became a Valley of Fear and Depression. Christmas was a gloomy day. In Easton, Benjamin FRANKLIN and James HAMILTON, commissioners, met with William PARSONS. On that day, James HAMILTON wrote to the Governor that the county was under the greatest 'consternation' and that the conditions as reported were more than verified."

"A chain of forts had been constructed along the Blue Mountains from the Delaware River to the Susquehanna River, and thence continuing to the Maryland line." It was at these forts that the settlers under siege sought refuge. "For some time, settlers from the frontier on their way to Easton had been passing the LeFevre Tavern. Christmas day was no exception. The refugees were penniless, their clothes were in rags and many had too few to cover their nakedness. Many a terror-stricken pioneer, retreating before the fury of the savages, stopped at the tavern to rest. --- Many of the fleeing inhabitants turned off the Easton road and found refuge with the Moravians at Friedensthal, where Capt Sol JENNINGS of "Walking Purchase" fame was stationed with a company of eighteen Ulster-Scots. -- On December 13 the first refugees arrived at Friedensthal; and by Jan 13, 1756, there was a total of Seventy-five. Of this number, 13 were women and 49 were children." - A.D. Chidsey. (Note: The Lefevre Tavern mentioned here was owned by the father-in-law of John VanETTEN who later settled and died in Rowan County, NC. He was a kinsman to Rachel (VanGORDON) DECOURSEY.

1755John LENT, a cousin of Elizabeth van NOMBERG (first wife of Teunis CORSA - Dennis DECOURSEY), was a captian under BRADDOCK in 1755 on the expedition from Fort Cumberland in Maryland to Fort Duquesne (Pittsburg). "He was also present at the fall of WOLF, and is represented as possessing great energy and resolution. Going to North Carolina in the prosecution of his business as a master builder, he there died in or about 1768. By his wife, Ann, daughter of Adrian HOOGLAND, of New York, he had issue, Ann m. John LAWRENCE, Cornelia m. Edward T. YOUNG of North Carolina, Catharine m. William RAYBURGH of Baltimore, James-Webber, and John. The latter, a silversmith, married Sarah, dau of Thos. OGLEVIE. James Webber LENT, born 24 Aug 1761, served in the Revolution, after which he engaged in mercantile business in New York."
James Riker, ANNALS of NEWTON, NY, p.318.

For an account of early migration from Northampton Co, Penna to Rowan County, N.C. and Virginia see
PENNSYLVANIA MAGAZINE (1934) v.58, p.358-345.

1755A list of persons killed, 1755, in the upper part of Northampton County, Pennsylvania at "Minnesinks" includes "Cornelius Van AKEN, Garret Van CAMPEN, with fifteen of their families." The list of "houses Burnt" includes the homes of Dennis RASER and Jacob RESER.
Hillman, Ralf, OLD DANSBURY AND THE MORAVIAN MISSION (Buffalo, NY 1934), pp.87-88.
1756Femmetje, dau. of Johannes van AKEN and Marya Van GARDEN, was bapt. 13 Feb. 1756. Cornelius van AKEN and wife, Sara WESTBROECK were sponsors.
1756A Pert Amboy story of 19 August 1756, reported "from the northern frontier that Abraham VanAUKEN, Esq., who lived on the present Port Jervis Country Club property, was shot and wounded by an Indian while driving his team with a load of grain. Riding on the load was Van AUKEN's daughter. The father yelled for her to run for her life and as she fell off the wagon the Indian caught up and was attacking her when the old man rushed at him with a pitchfork and drove him away. Three men --- Geradrus SWARTWOUT, Samuel FINCH and Peter WESTPHALN, were found murdered, stripped and scalped.

Then Major SWARTWOUT was Slain. On 29 March 1757, the WESTFALL barn had been burned with 24 cows, 9 horses and 400 bushels of grain." On 2 May, Jacob VanCAMP and Peter BRINK were slain. On 9 November John DOTY and Otho MAHURIN were killed. The next day, Gideon WESTBROOK was killed near Brink Fort. The following day, John PRESSER. On 15 May 1758, Nicholas COLE's four children and three Germans were slain by the Indians. Cornelius WESTBROOK and Abraham WESTBROOK were killed 8 June 1758. On 12 June, Bastian CORTRIGHT and Mary KIRKENDALL; and on 13 June, eight men at Urian WESTFALL's. These were but a few of the deaths reported during the Indian Wars of 1755-1763. *******
YESTERYEARS, v.7, pp.211-212, v.18, pp.56-57.

1756It is probable that the family of Dennis REESER (Dennis DeCOURSEY) escaped the Indian massacres of 1755-1756 by rafting down the Susquehanna River to Maryland, where they had son, William DeCOURSEY, born, 24 May 1756. Rachel (VANGORDON) DECOURSEY would have been about 3 or 4 months pregnant at the time of the Indian Raid at Dansbury. It seems reasonable that Dennis would send his wife and family to a place of comparative safety. They could have traveled down river to near Baltimore, Maryland where William DeCOURSEY, b.1756 says in his pension papers he "was told he was born." Most likely, Rachel went with with her DECKER, HOVER, and VanETTEN cousins to present Harford County, Maryland or to the protection of Fort Cumberland near Baltimore or she may have stayed at one of the Moravian Missions that housed refugees from the Indian raids. Clyde POWELL in his research on the RACER family places Dennis DeCOURSEY in Maryland in the 1750's. Rachel (VANGORDEN) DeCOURSEY had HOVER, DUPIUS, and DECKER cousins and relatives living in Harford Co., Maryland. Clyde Powell states that the wife of Dennis DeCOURSEY died in Maryland (probably in 1760's). William DeCOURSEY, born 1756, in his pension application of 1832 names James GORDON and Moses DOOPAY (relatives of Rachel VANGORDEN) as character witnesses.
Natl. Archives Pension File #W8665-1/2.
See also Dr. Henry DeCoursey Adams, NOTES ON THE WILLIAM DeCOURSEY FAMILY DESCENDANTS (Gaithersburg, Maryland 1971) and Supplement (1973), passim.
1756William DeCOURSEY, son of Dennis and Rachel (VanGORDON) deCORSA, was born 24 May 1756, near Baltimore, Maryland probably at Fort Cumberland. He married 15 July 1776, at Rowan Co., North Carolina to Elizabeth IRVIN, and removed to Ohio and Kentucky.
1756A warrant to Capt. Isaac CORSA for bounty and enlisting money of his company was signed by the Council in New York on 29 April 1756.
"Calendar of Council Minutes" NEW YORK STATE LIBRARY, BULLETIN 58 (March 1902), p.426.
1756Richard RAPELYE married, ca.1756, to Ann WALDRON, daughter of Samuel and Anna (DELAMATER) WALDRON.
James Riker, REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM (1904), p.706.
1756Jacob RAPELJE bought lots in Harlem from Adolph BENSON, 27 Nov. 1756.
James Riker, REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM (1904), p.434.
1757Luther BARNEY (1757-1844), son of John and Sarah (LUTHER) BARNEY, was born 4 March 1757, at Norwich, New London, Connecticut. He married first to Abigail Niber WINSHIP, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (LATHROP) WINSHIP. He married second to Ruth GARRISON.
BARNEY FAMILY NEWSLETTER, No.22, p.4-7, No.23, p.5-11, No.24, p.11-18, No.24, p.12-18, No.47, p.13;
Revolutionary War Pension File #W.4124.
1757Abigail "Nabby" WINSHIP, daughter of Joseph and Elisabeth (LATHROP) WINSHIP was born 4 March 1757. She married 5 Sept 1779, to Luther BARNEY. She died 20 Jan 1799.
1757Johannes VERMILYE, son of John and Sarah (ODELL) VERMILYE, married second, ca.1757, to Jacomina CORSA, daughter of Benjamin and Jannetje (REYERSE) CORSA. They had children Benjamin VERMILYE, born 1759; and Jacomina VERMILYE, bapt. 1768.
James Riker, REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM (1904), p.644.
1757Daniel KORSEN married, 18 Feb 1757, to Elizabeth BOGART in the DRC of Hackensak, NJ. He was son of Cornelius and Jannetje (BOSKIRK) CORSEN.
1758Johannes, son of Johannes van AKEN and Maria Van GARDEN, was bapt. 12 Feb. 1758. Gysbert van GARDEN and Maria COOL, his wife, were sponsors.
1758Betrothal of Isaac CURSA and Sarah FRANKLAND was recorded in Tarrytown, NY DRC records on 22 Apr 1758. Witnesses were Richard SMITH and John LANSING.
1758Johannes VERMILYE, son of John and Sarah (ODELL) VERMILYE, married, ca.1758, to Jacomina CORSA, by whom he had two children: Benjamin, born 13 Aug. 1759; and Jacomina, born 27 March 1768.
James Riker, REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM (1904), p.645.
1758Peter RASOR was baptized, Oct 1758, in the DRC of Walpack, Sussex Co., NJ. He died, 4 Nov 1831, in Spencer Co., Indiana and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Hackleman, Spencer Co., IN. He married Frances ADAIR prior to 1794. She was born, 1759. He had son Simeon RASOR, born, 1 Sept. 1787, in Culpepper Co., VA.
Information from a descendant, Virginia C. Hallmark of Austin, TX.
See also: National Archive Pension files #R8599 & W8600; ABSTRACTS OF OLD NINETY-SIX AND ABBEVILLE DISTRICT (S.C.) WILLS, pp.281,483,424;
Charles Huffman, THE GERMANNA RECORD, No.6,pp.89-90;
1759Isaac CURSA or DeCOURCY, born ca.1727, died 1807, Son of Tuenis CORSI and Elizabeth VanNAMBURGH, married, 9 April 1759, in the Presbyterian Church of N.Y.C. to Sarah FRANKLIN, first dau. of Thomas and Mary (PEARSALL) FRANKLIN and the sister of Walter FRANKLIN, a wealthy New York merchant. Isaac CORSA was of the firm of "Corsa and Bull". He received his commission as Captain, 25 Sept. 1755, and led a detachment of Queens County men at the capture of Fort Frontenac (Kingston), Aug 1758. He was a Lt. Colonel of the 1st battalion of New York in 1759; served in the expedition to Niagara; Colonel of the 2nd New York battalion in 1760. On 12 Aug 1776 he was arrested by order of Washington, and sent prisoner to Norwich and Middletown, CT; but was released. The Council of Safety at Middletown voted, 25 Dec 1776, "that Messrs. BURTING, WADDLE, CORSEY, WHITEHEAD, and BETTS be permitted to return to their places of abode in the State of N. York, upon their giving their parole in writing not to give any intelligence, nor do or say anything against the service of the American States."
Knox's HISTORICAL JOURNAL, p.527,528n.

On 16 Aug 1776, George WASHINGTON wrote to Frederick JAY: "Sir:In consequence of my Orders, the undermentioned persons have been apprehended and are now under a guard at New-Rochelle or its neighborhood. As the sending a Guard, thro' to Govr. TRUMBULL with them, would be attended with much inconvenience to the public and cannot be agreeable to the Gentlemen, upon their giving you their Word and Honor to proceed to Lebanon to Governor Trumbull, I am satisfied to permit them to go without any other escort, than that of the Officer who will deliver you this. I must beg the favor of you to take the management of this business and as soon as it is put upon a proper footing, dismiss the Guard now there. etc.---" Prisoners listed in this letter to be released were: Col. PHILIPS, James JAUNCEY and his two sons, Joseph BULL, Isaac CORSA, John RODGERS, and Ware BRANSON.

The FRANKLINS were Quakers by religion. On the records of the Society of Friends in NYC is listed Sarah CORSA of Newtown, born 23rd of 10th month 1729. This was likely Sarah (FRANKLIN) CORSA.
See NY.GEN.BIOG.REC. v.41.

After Walter FRANKLIN's death in 1780, Isaac CORSA occupied his mansion at Maspeth. Isaac CORSA died in Flushing, NY, 3 May 1807, in his eightieth year "beloved as a man and a Christian." "He was small in stature, and juvenile in appearance, though an intrepid officer." Maria Franklin CORSA, his only child, married John J. STAPLES.
J.A. Stevens NEW YORK CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (1867), "Biographical Sketches", pt.2,p.129
See also NY.GEN.BIOG.REC. v.14,p.96.

On 6 Dec 1845, Mary Robinson Hunter, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil wrote her recollections of her FRANKLIN great-uncles and great-aunts, siblings of her grandfather, as follows: "---Thus I have given an outline of my grandfather's brothers. His two sisters are now to be brought forward. Sally [sic.] (Mary), the eldest, married Caspar WISTAR, of Pennsylvania. --- My grandfather's second sister, [sic.] Mary (Sarah FRANKLIN), married a Colonel [sic.] DeLANCEY (DeCOURCEY) of French extraction. --- I remember him as a little girl; he did not love children, was of a morose disposition, and I trembled when I heard him approach, in a red velvet cap and brocade dressing-gown and slippers, when I was playing about, whilst on a visit to my aunt on Long Island. They had only one child, a daughter, beautiful in face and person, and with much French sprightliness and naivete'. She married at thirty a Mr. STAPLES of New York, and had, like her mother, but one child, a daughter."
NY.GEN.BIOG.REC. (July 1892), v.23, p.127-130.

Kitty WISTAR, b. 1768, dau. of Caspar and Mary (FRANKLIN) WISTAR received a letter dated, 30 Apr 1789, on the occasion of G. WASHINGTON's arrival in New York and taking residence in Walter FRANKLIN's home. The letter was from her aunt Sarah ROBINSON in which she describes Marie, dau. of Isaac and Sarah (FRANKLIN) DeCOURCY, as follows: "---Marie de COURCY too, has been in town a fortnight, she made her home at Uncle Osgood's, but was a great deal among us all, she is about making a little tour into Connecticut on a visit to a friend Lucy BALL with Joseph BULL, who is now in town.---".
NY.GEN.BIOG.REC. (July 1892), v.23,p.127-130.

1759Shortly after the Gnadenhutten Massacre in 1755, many of the families from upper Pennsylvania sought shelter at the several Moravian Church missions at Nazareth, Bethlehem , and elsewhere along the route to Lancaster County, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. In 1755, the Wachovia Church was established in Rowan County, North Carolina. In the records of this church is found the following entry: "5 November 1759, An elderly man named RACER was buried."
1759Joseph CHESTNOR witnessed the will of Nicholas SCHOONHOVEN, 1759, at Walpack Township, Sussex Co., New Jersey. In 1770, Joseph CHESTNOR swore that Nicholas SCHOONHOVEN wrote this will.
1760Palgrave WILLIAMS of Jamaica, peruke maker, aged 56 years, who was born at Newport, R.I., deposed in 1760 regarding John deCOURCY, Lord Kingsale, who was born at Newport, Rhode Island, son of Miles or Michael deCOURCY, mariner, of Newport, and Abigail WILLIAMS of Newport, his wife. This Palgrave was undoubtedly the son of Palgrave WILLIAMS, the pirate, and is evidently the "Paul" WILLIAMS who in 1741 had left his children Palgrave and John at Newport. Abigail wife of Miles or Michael deCOURCY of Newport was probably another child of Palgrave the pirate.

John DeCOURCY's right to the title was disputed in long and bitter litigations between John DeCOURSEY and the daughters of the late Gerald DeCOURCY, 24TH Baron Kingsale, who apparently recognized William DeCOURCY of Baltimore, Maryland as the "true heir" to the title. The daughters described John as "a person of lowest degree in life, a common boatman then plying for hire at Portsmouth, in Great Britain, a person before unheard of and unknown to the family." William DeCOURCY of Baltimore, however, chose not to dispute the claim of John DeCOURCY and in 1760 John DeCOURCY was declared the premier Baron of Ireland, the 25th Baron Kingsale.
H. D. Richardson, "Sidelights On Maryland History", BALTIMORE SUN (July 12, 1903);
THE CENTURY MONTHLY MAGAZINE, v.LI, New Series v.XXIX (Feb 1896), pp.491-493.

1760A Christian RASOR, born 1760, in Sussex Co., NJ. (probably son of Jacob RESER) moved when young to Culpepper Co., VA and died, 1848, in Abbeville District, South Carolina. He married Sarah Ann SIMMS and was brother to Peter RASOR of Carolina. Also A Jacob N. RESOR of Madison Co., VA married ca.1826 to Mildred SPILMAN.
See Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District (S.C.) Wills and Bonds, p.281 (Box 82, pack 2012), p.483 (Box 120, pack 3551), p.524 (Box 133, pack 3560).
See also Pennsylvania Archives, ser.2,v.2,p.59 "Christian CORSAN".
1760Usseltje, dau. of Johannes van AAKEN and Maria Van GORDE, was bapt. 20 April 1760. Evert ROOSA WESTBROEK and Maria WESTBROEK were sponsors.
1760John COURSEY, a son of Benjamin CORSON and Jannetje (REYERS), married, 10 June 1760, in NY to Jane FORSYTH, widow. NY Marriage Bonds, Vol.III,p.185.
1760cNicholas HELMICK (1760c.-1844) was born about 1760, probably in Virginia.
1760cJacobus DePUY (1736-1785) married, ca.1760, to Sara Van WAGENER. They had a daughter, Sarah DuPUY (1761-1814), who married Johannes DECKER.
1760cAaron DEPUI married, ca.1760, to Jennie STROUD, daughter of Bernard STROUD and a sister of Jacob STROUD.
Robert Brown Keller, HISTORY OF MONROE COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA (1927), p.59.
1761A Gilbert TRACY (1761-1841) was born 7 January 1761. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War at Preston Conn. in 1777, and married 9 April 1791, at Ulysses (Ithaca), New York to Deborah WOODWORTH.
See Pension File #W.4088.
1761Ernst Ludwig LENT married, 29 Jan 1761, at Tarrytown, NY, to Cornelia CORSA, dau. of Benjamin CORSSE and Jannetje (REYERS). Witnesses were Ernst Ludewig LENDE and Jacob Van WAGENER.
1761Isaac CORSA, son of Benjamin and Jannetje (REYERA) CORSSEN of Tarrytown, Westchester Co., New York, married, 9 April 1761, to Mary GIBB, dau. of Andrew GIBB, in the Presbyterian Church of New York City. Witnesses were Isaac CORSER and Timothy SCANDRETT.
NY.GEN.BIOG.REC., v.11,p.86-87.
1761Jacob STROUD (1735-1806) married, 6 April 1761, to Elizabeth McDOWELL (1740-1807), daughter of John and Hannah (DUPUY) McDOWELL. They had children: Jane STROUD (1765-1842) married John BUSH; Daniel STROUD (1772-1846) married, 1792, Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER (1774-1809); Rachel STROUD (1774-1854), married, 1792, Samuel REES (1760-1841); and others. Colonel Jacob STROUD was commander of the unit in which Peter DECOURSEY and his relatives from Smithfield served.

Col. Jacob STROUD was raised at Shawnee (Smithfield) by Nicholas DEPUI, kinsman of Peter DECOURSEY. Nicholas DUPEY married his cousin, Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER, dau. of Benjamin SCHOONMAKER and Elizabeth DEPUY and niece of Jochem SCHOONMAKER and Rachel VanGORDON.

The "Moses DOOPEY" (b.1762) who vouched for the Revolutionary Service of William DECOURSEY, b.1756, of North Carolina and Kentucky, was a kinsman of William DECOURSEY.

See Hillman's OLD DANSBURY, p.24;
Robert Brown Keller, HISTORY OF MONROE COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA (1927), pp.58-71;
Floyd G. Hoenstine, THE 1955 YEAR BOOK of the PENNSYLVANIA SOCIETY SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (1956), p.576; Pennsylvania Society S.A.R. #2223.

1761Joseph CHESTNOR witnessed the will of Thomas BRINK in 1761, at Walpack Township, Sussex Co., New Jersey.
1761Wilhelmus, son of Johannes van AKEN and Maria Van GARDEN, was bapt. 20 September 1761. Hermanus BRINK and Lena BRINK were sponsors.
1761Mrs. Abraham BRUYN (Antie VERMILIE) was received as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church of Phillipsburgh (Tarrytown, N.Y.) on 5 November 1761.
1761A Jacob VanAKEN was a taxable in Smithfield, Penna. from 1761 through 1786.
1762David VanAKEN (1737-1777c.), son of Cornelis and Hester (RELYEA) VanAKEN married before 1762 to Magdalena SCHOONMAKER, daughter of Gerrit and Catherine (DEPUY) SCHOONMAKER. They had children: David Van AKEN m. Catherine EMMINS; Magdalena VanAKEN married Peter CORSA (Peter DeCOURSEY); Catherine Van AKEN m. Daniel SWARTHWOUT; Hester VanAKEN; Cornelius VanAKEN; and Hendrikas VanAKEN.
1762Andrew CORSA, son of Isaac and Mary (GIBB) CORSA, was born, 24 Jan 1762, d. 21 Nov 1852. He married first, 1792, to Mary POOLE, and he married second to Helena BUSSING. His obituary in 1852 states "both his father and grandfather were natives of the same place as himself. The latter was born in 1692 about the time of Gov. Fletcher's arrival in the colony, after whom he was named Benjamin Fletcher CORSZEN."
See William S. Hadaway, McDONALD PAPERS, pt.II (1927), p.73.
James Riker, REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM (1904), p.488.
1762Teunis CORSA was commissioned as Lieutenant in Capt. Peter HARRIS's Company of Dutchess County New York Volunteers in the 2nd NY Regt., commanded by Col. Geo. Brewerton in the Cuba Campaign of 1762. There were other men from the area of Fishkill, Minisink, and Walpack who served in this campaign against the Spanish.
also Collections of the New York Hist. Soc. (1891), pp.472,473.
1762"Among the commissions given by Lieutenant-Governor Cadwallader COLDEN to officers abut to serve in the campaign of 1762, were those of Lieutenant to Teunis CORSA and Abraham SWARTWOUT in Captain Peter HARRIS's company of Dutchess County volunteers, in the Second New York Regiment, commanded by Colonel George BREWERTON." A part of the force of volunteers were to be employed in an intended attack upon the city of Havana, on the island of Cuba, for Spain had become, in January, 1762, an ally of France. Lieut.-Gov. Cadwallader COLDEN, in order to assure those of the volunteers who were willing to participate in the reduction of Morro Castle and other Spanish strongholds in Cuba, promised them that they would not thereafter be retained in the service of Great Britain as regular troops, and he issued a proclamation to that effect. The remainder of the troops were ordered sent to Albany, and from thence to Oswego, New York.
Weise, Arthur James, THE SWARTWOUT CHRONICLES and the KETLHUYN CHRONICLES (1889), pp.170-175,709,passim.
1762Isaac CORSA served in the French and Colonial War in the Cuba Campaign. In this same unit served Reuben BOSTWICK (1734-1813) who later accompanied Peter DECOURSEY to Trumbull Co., Ohio.
DAR Lineage #84091; NY.GEN.BIOG.REC., v. ,p.152.
1762Abraham CORSA, son of Dennis CORSA and Rachel VANGARDEN, was baptized, 2 May 1762. Registered in the DRC of Walpack, New Jersey (NY.GEN.BIOG.REC. v.40,p.268). It is likely that this was their last child, since Rachel would have been 45 years old at the time of this baptism. Abraham CORSA married before 1788 to Jane VanDEMARK, bapt. Walpeck, NJ, 6 Feb 1763, dau. of Johannes Van der MARK and Jannetie COURTRIGHT. John W. VanDemark in his VANDEMARK ANCESTRY (1942), p.123, incorrectly places this Abraham with the Staten Island Corson family.
1762Michael FRANKS, son of Michael, married, ca.1862, to Elizabeth LIVENGOOD. They had children: Henry FRANKS m. Christina MAURER; Charlotte m. Jacob FURST; Mary FRANKS m. Nicholas HELMICK; Abraham FRANKS m. Margaret KECHLER; Michael FRANKS III m. Amy FIRST; Elizabeth FRANKS m. 1st James FLUHART, m. 2nd Phineas FIRST; Dorothy FRANKS m. Jacob MILLER; Jacob FRANKS m. Anna MILLER; Catherine FRANKS m. Jacob HATFIELD; and George FRANKS.
Franks, Alice A., and Sublette, Donald J., THE MICHAEL FRANKS FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY (Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1979);
1763"January 7, 1763. Stolen from the subscriber, last Tuesday Evening, at the house of Isaac VANAKEN, in Shipacung, next to Minisink, in Sussex County, West New Jersey, near the Delaware River, a certain sorrel Mare, five years old next spring, 15 hands high, with a Blaze in her face, is Hip Shot in her rear hip, paces and trotts, has a way of snorting through her nose at the first Off-set and has no brand nor Ear-mark. Whoever takes up and secures the said Mare, so as the Owner may have her again, and the thief, that he may be brought to Justice, shall have Five Pounds Reward. Proclamation Money, and reasonable Charges paid by Abraham VANAKEN, Junior. N.B. She stood at the said Isaac VANAKEN's door with Saddle and Bridle on, which were taken off with her."
Newspaper Extracts, NEW JERSEY ARCHIVES, First series, v.XXIV, p.133;
1763David VanAKEN, son of David and Magdalena (SCHOONMAKER) VanAKEN, was bapt. 13 Jun 1762/3. He married Catharine EMMINS and died intestate at Tioga Co., NY.
1763Henry FRANKS (1763-1836), son of Michael and Elizabeth (possibly LIVENGOOD) FRANKS, in his pension application of 1832, stated that he was born, 19 June 1763, in Frederick's Town, Maryland.

Jordan and Hadden gives Henry FRANKS' birth date (probably erroneously) as 11 June 1753.
(Note: I think that Frederick Town, Maryland subsequently became Winchester, Virginia.)

1763A Daniel CORSON (or CORSA) was born, ca.1763, in Sussex Co., NJ. He married Rebecca LAWRASON and moved to Clinton Twp., Ontario, Canada in 1798. Bernard Lane calls him son of Benjamin CORSON and Jannetji REYERA; but this could not be. The dates are a generation apart.
1764Femetje, dau. of Daniel KUIKENDAL and Elisabeth Van AAKEN, was bapt. 8 Jan 1764. Johannes van AAKEN and Maria van AAKEN were sponsors.
1764On 2 May 1764, a Provincial Patent in Hartford (in present Washington County, NY) was granted to Teunis CORSA, Isaac CORSA, Joseph BULL, This Teunis CORSA and Isaac CORSA were sons of Benjamin CORSSE and Jannetje REYERSE. They were cousins of our Tuenis CORSA (Dennis DeCOURSEY).
See NY.GEN.BIOG.REC., v.74,p.48;
"Calendar of Council Minutes" NEW YORK STATE LIBRARY, BULLETIN 58 (March 1902), p.412.
1764In July 1764, a deed was given for land in the Manor of Fordham, to Benjamin CORSON.
1764Jacob FRANKS, son of Michael FRANKS, Sr., married, ca.1764, to Barbara BRANDENBURG (BRANDEBERRY-BRADENBIGER), dau. of Alexander BRANDENBURG of Frederick Co., Maryland. They had children: George FRANKS (1765-1821) m. Abolona, dau. Philip SCHMIDT; Jacob FRANKS, Jr. (1768-1836) m. Sarah LIVENGOOD; Sarah FRANKS (1769-1846) m. Jacob STRAW or STROH; Michael FRANKS (1771-1845 m. Elizabeth RIFFEL; Elizabeth FRANKS; Barbar FRANKS (1777-1852) m. John BARRICKMAN or BROGMAN; and Conrad FRANKS (1782-1866) m. Abigail MOORE.
1765Tunis CORSA, son of Benjamin and Jannetje (REYERA) CORSON, married, 10 Feb 1765, to Magdalen EVERITT in the Presbyterian Church of Rumbout, NY.
1765Johan Georg, son of Jacob and Barbara (BRANDENBERG) FRANCK, was born 23 Sept. 1765. Recorded in the Evangelical Lutheran Church records of Frederick, Maryland. Sponsors were Nicholas YUNG and Elisabeth. The will of Alexander BRANDENBERG (transcribed as BRANDINBIGER) made 15 May 1780 says "to my beloved daughter Barbara FRANK, wife of Jacob FRANK. This will was presented for Probate in the Frederick Co., Maryland Courts in 1793.
Franks, Alice A., and Sublette, Donald J., THE MICHAEL FRANKS FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY (Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1979), p. 38.
1765The FRANKS, BRANDENBURG, and RIFFLE families came to what is now Fayette Co., Penna. in 1765. In the fall of 1765 the FRANKS and BRANDENBERGS along with Andrew M. RIFFLE built a blockhouse, known as "Riffles Fort" and later as "Dutch Meetin' House" at Brown's Settlement a few miles west of the present site of Uniontown, Penna. It was used for protection and for services for the Lutheran and Reformed Congregations. St. Jacob's glebe at Jacobs Lutheran Church, adjoining Pioneer Park in Uniontown, Penna., was given by Jacob FRANKS (1732-1802) to the congregation , 2 February 1785, and was patented by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the "Straight and Narrow Way on 22 July 1794." Jacob's Church is the oldest Lutheran Church in America, west of the Allegheny Mountains. Michael FRANKS home was called "Franconia."
1765A Peter COURSIN, born 1765, in New Jersey, died 1865 in Elizabeth Twp., Allegheny Co., PA. He married Hannah WINN.
1765Joseph CHESTNOR witnessed the will of Adam DINGMAN in 1765, at Walpack Township, Sussex Co., New Jersey.
1765Johannis Van AAKEN, son of Cobus (Jacobus) Van AAKEN and Elisabeth BENSCHOTEN, was bapt. 17 Nov. 1765. Johannes van AAKEN and Maria van AAKEN were sponsors.
1766Madelena "Helena" VanAAKEN, dau. of David and Madelena (SCHOONMAKER) VanAKEN, was bapt. 28 September 1766. She married, ca.1783, Peter CORSA (also known as Peter DeCOURSEY).
1766Moses SCHOONMAKER, son of Gerrit and Catherine (DEPUY) SCHOONMAKER, married about 1766 to Jannetje VanAAKEN, dau. of Cornelis VanAKEN and Hester RELYEA. They had children David; Cornelius; and Garret SCHOONMAKER.
1766A grave stone inscription at the Port Jervis, New York Cemetery reads, "Here Lies buried Sarah, the wife of Cornelius VanAKEN who dyd DEC 20, 1766." This most likely was the grave marking of Sarah (WESTBROOK) VanAKEN, who married in 1714 to Cornelius, son of Marinus.
1767Jacobus Van AKEN, son of Johannis van AKEN and Maria Van GARDEN, was bapt. 18 Jan. 1767. Jacobus Van AAKEN and Elisabeth Van AAKEN were sponsors.
1767Johannes Van AAKEN, son of Cobus Van AAKEN and Elisabeth BENSCHOTEN, was bapt. 13 Dec. 1767. Johannes van AAKEN and Maria van AAKEN were sponsors.
1768Teunis TEERPENNING married, 2 October 1768, to Breckje VanAKEN, in the Dutch Church on the Rhinebeck Flatts, Dutchess County, New York.
1768Catharine VanAKEN, dau. of David and Magdalena (SCHOONMAKER) VanAKEN, was born 1768c. She married Daniel SWARTHWOUT.
1769Garrit SCHOONMAKER, Sr., Garrit SCHOONMAKER, Jr. and Benjamin SCHOONMAKER moved to the Wyoming Valley by 1769.
Heidgerd, Ruth P., THE SCHOONMAKER FAMILY, Part One, p.29.
1769A Hezekiah ROSENKRANS is listed as a son in the will of Jacobus ROSEKRONS of Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey, 1769. Hezekiah ROSENKRANS appears in the 1782 census of Hampshire Co., Virginia; 1785 tax list of Harrison Co., VA; and his will is recorded in 1819 in Randolph County, W.VA. From his gravestone it appears that he was born 19 August 1741 in New Jersey. This Hezekiah ROSENCRANCE married (probably 2nd) to Nancy SIMPSON.
Information from Dale Thomas of Porterville, Calif.
1769cMary FRANKS, dau. of Michael and Elisabeth (LIVENGOOD?) FRANKS, was born about 1769, probably in what is now Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. She married about 1788 to Nicholas HELMICK.
1769Benjamin CORSA, son of Benjamin and Jannetje (REYERSE) CORSSEN, married, 4 Apr 1769, in Tarrytown, NY to Jemima CHAPPLE. Witnesses were Benjamin CORSA, Yeoman, and Benjamin VERMILYA of Westchester Co. (14:64)
1769cMary FRANKS, dau. of Michael and Elisabeth (LIVENGOOD?) FRANKS, was born about 1769, probably in what is now Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. She married about 1788 to Nicholas HELMICK.
1770Benjamin COURSEN made his will dated, Oct 1770, in which he names sons Tunis, Isaac and John, daughter Jane (LENT), and grandson Benjamin, the child of John. Witnesses were Tunis MICHAELSEN, Henry MICHAELSEN, and Francois GODFRIE. Westchester Co., NY Wills.
1770Petrus, born 20 Oct 1770, son of Benjamin CORSA and Janetje HORNBEEK was baptized, 4 Nov 1770, in the DRC of Deerpark, NY (Machackemeck). Witnesses were Petrus VERNOY and Antje SWARTWOUT.
1770Nicholas DUPUI, born 1732 [sic], married, 11 November 1770, to Eleanor SHOEMAKER. They had a daughter, Jane DUPUI, who married, 1798, to John WATSON.
1772A patent for the township of New Fane was issued, 29 January 1772, in the names of Isaac CORSA, Walter FRANKLIN, Giles ALEXANDER, John THOMPSON, John FRANKLIN, Jacob WATSON, Joseph BULL, Peter BARD, Samuel FRANKLIN, Robert BROWN, Lawrence KORTRIGHT, Teddeman HULL, James BROWN, Anth'y BYVANCK, Robert BENSON, Lindley MURRAY, and William BACKHOUSE.

A patent for the township of Reading was issued, 5 February 1772, to Isaac CORSA, James WESSELS, Waldron BLAAU, Marinus WILLETT, William KENNEDY, On the same day, a patent for the township of Woodstock was issued to Isaac CORSA, Joseph BULL, Peter van der VOORT, William TALMAN, Henry BEEKMAN, Charles McEVERS,

The following week, a patent was issued for the township of Fairlie to Samuel STEVENS, Isaac CORSA, Joseph BULL, John VREDENBERGH, Waldron BLAAU,
"Calendar of Council Minutes" NEW YORK STATE LIBRARY, BULLETIN 58 (March 1902), p.559-562.

1772Hester VanAKEN, dau. of David and Magdalena (SCHOONMAKER) VanAKEN, was bapt. 30 Aug 1772, at Walpack, New Jersey. On the same day, Rachel VanAKEN, dau. of Jacobus and Margriet (VanGARDEN) VanAKEN, was baptized. Rachel VanAKEN married Nicholas SCHOONHOVEN.
1772The 1772 proprietary tax for Deleware Twp., Northampton County, Penna. lists Alexander Van GORDEN, Gilbert Van GORDEN, and James Van GORDEN. Another Gilbert Van GORDEN, a loborer, lived in Upper Smithfield, Penna.
1773The 1773 tax list for Walpack, Sussex Co., New Jersey, lists: John Van GARDEN and William Van GARDEN.
1773Benjamin RACER, son of Teunis CORSA and Rachel VanGORDON, married ca.1773, to Mary CHESNOR (duCHESNE), dau. of James CHESTNOR. Major CHESTNOR "of the British Army" is reported to have been a great friend of Tom PAYNE and to have been instructor in Engineering to General Anthony WAYNE.

George C. RACER, great-grandson of Benjamin RACER, Sr., in his HISTORY OF THE RACERS states "The father of Benjamin RACER was Count Dennis DECOURSEY --- All of Count DECOURSEY's children retained the name DECOURSEY except Benjamin Sr. My father (David C. RACER) who was in the mercantile business years ago met his father's cousins who were silk merchants in New York City. His business there was to buy silk goods; therefore, he met these DECOURSEYS. They earnestly insisted upon his going to Paris with them on a trip after materials and to visit the DECOURSEY relatives there."

Following is an account of Benjamin RACER Sr.'s escape from Indians as told to Mrs. Ezra O. RACER by his son, Benjamin RACER, Jr. (1785-1872): "There was a prisoner taken by this tribe of Indians some time before he (Benjamin, Sr.) was taken. This prisoner asked him if he would like to be liberated. He said that he would so he was told to stay awake that night and when he shook him to run for the woods and stay until he came for him. This prisoner killed all of the Indians while they were asleep except one woman. This woman told him to run for the British has come. She got away and Benjamin ran for the woods. After a time he and the prisoner got together and travelled until they reached the British camp. The prisoner had the scalps of some of the Indians and a coat which some of the British had seen and recognized. Some years later Benjamin married the daughter of major David [sic] CHESNOR of the British Army."

1773Michael and Jacob FRANKS are included in the assessment lists of Springhill Twp., Bedford Co., PA in 1773, a few months before the creation of Westmoreland Co., Penna.
PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, ser.3, v.xxii, p.41.
1775Rachel, born 18 Aug 1774, dau. of Benyamen RASOR and Maria CHESNOR, was baptized, 15 Jun 1775, in the DRC of Walpack, NJ. Rachel RACER married, 1792, John PENNY. She died, 12 Dec 1864, in Davis County, Iowa.
1775John VanETTEN, bpt. 17 Apr 1720, Ulster Co., NY. was an early settler of Smithfield Twp., Penna. He was a neighbor and cousin of Dennis DeCOURSEY and his wife, Rachel VANGORDON. In 1775, John VanETTEN and his wife Margaret (LEFEVRE) VanETTEN sold their land in Northampton Co., PA and removed to Rowan County, North Carolina (in what is now known as Davie Co., NC). It is probable at this time that he was accompanied by his cousin, William DeCOURSEY, son of Dennis and Rachel. A grandson of this John VanETTEN later accompanied Peter DECOURSEY to Ohio and settled in Milton Twp., Trumbull County, OH about 1804. A son of John VanETTEN, Abraham VANETTEN, married 17 Dec 1789 in Rowan Co., NC to Avis STAPLETON. They removed to Sugar Creek Twp., Green County, Ohio prior to 1803. William DECOURSEY removed to Preble County, Ohio.
Eva Allen Scott, JACOBUS JANSEN VANETTEN (1950), p.22-75,128-141,passim.
1775In the Spring of 1975, the Minisink Valley Historical Society restored the "Decker Fort" near Port Jervis. The fort was built in 1775 and destroyed by Brant in 1779, then rebuilt in 1793. The DEKKER family once owned all of Port Jervis, New York.
From excerpts from a letter from Neil CUDDEBACK, past president of the Minisink Valley Historical Society.
See also Charles E. Stickney, A HISTORY OF THE MINISINK REGION (1867), p.136.
1775Among the signers of the oath of allegiance to the Continental Congress and the colonial cause, 26 June 1775, were the following residents of Deerpark (Then part of Mamakating, Ulster Co., New York):

Benjamin DEPUEPhilip SWARTOUT, Esq.
Samuel DEPUEAlbert ROOSA
Abraham ROOSAIsaac ROOSA

Charles E. Stickney, A HISTORY OF THE MINISINK REGION (1867), pp.72-77.

1775Among the signers of the oath of allegiance to the Continental Congress and the colonial cause, 26 June 1775, were the following residents of the old town of Minisink, New York:

Wilhelmus WESTFALLJohannes DECKER, Jr.
Jacob QUICKPetrus COLE
Wilhelmus COLESylvester CORTRIGHT
Daniel KORTRIGHTMartinas DECKER, Jr.
A. C. Van

Charles E. Stickney, A HISTORY OF THE MINISINK REGION (1867), pp.72-77.

1775Luther BARNEY (1757-1844) joined the service of the United States in the American Revolution in April 1775, at East Haddam, New London County, Connecticut under the command of Capt. Joseph SPENCER, Lieut. John WILLY, Major Jonathan MEIGS and Major Roger ENOS. He marched to Roxbury near Boston, assisted in building a fort on Dorchester Heights, and was in Roxbury during the battle of Bunker Hill.
Pension File #W4124;
BARNEY FAMILY NEWSLETTER, No.22, p.4-7, No.23, p.5-11, No.24, p.11-18;
Revolutionary War Pension File #W.4124.
1775Cornelius VanAKEN, son of David and Magdalena (SCHOONMAKER) VanAKEN was baptized 31 Aug 1775.
1775Daniel RAPALJE was a representative from Queens, New York to the First Provincial Congress, 1775.
Mather, Frederic G. THE REFUGEES of 1776 from LONG ISLAND to CONNECTICUT (1972 reprint of the 1913 edition), p.711.
1776Among the signers from Queens County, New York, of a Declaration of Allegiance to the Continental Congress of the United States, were Cornelius, Isaac and Martin RAPELYE. Mather, Frederic G.
THE REFUGEES of 1776 from LONG ISLAND to CONNECTICUT (1972 reprint of the 1913 edition), p.1053.
1776Among the signers of the Association in Queens County, New York, Jan. 1776, was Jores RAPALJE. A Peter RAPALJE and Jeromus RAPELYE were members of the militia in Queens County, 1776. Daniel RAPELYE was an officer within the American Lines at Brooklyn, August 1776.
Mather, Frederic G. THE REFUGEES of 1776 from LONG ISLAND to CONNECTICUT (1972 reprint of the 1913 edition), pp.14,1000,1013,1051.
1776Elizabeth DEPUY (1776-1815), daughter of Nicholas and Eleanor DEPUY, was born 1 June 1776, at ten o'clock A.M. at Shawnee, Pennsylvania. She married, 8 Jan. 1793, to her second cousin, John STROUD (1768-1814), son of Jacob and Elizabeth (McDOWELL) STROUD.
Robert Brown Keller, HISTORY OF MONROE COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA (1927), pp.68-70.
1776William DeCOURSEY, son of Dennis and Rachel (VanGORDON) DeCOURSEY, married, 15 Jul 1776, to Elizabeth IRVIN in Rowan Co., North Carolina. For some of the genealogy of cousins who moved to Rowan County, NC.
See Eva Allen Scott's JACOBUS JANSEN VAN ETTEN (1950), p.22-75,128-141,passim.
1776A list of Associators in the American Revolution in Bucks Co., PA includes: William DeCOURSEY of Bensalem Twp. and John DeCOURSEY of Warwick Twp. In 1790 both were there, with Abraham DECOURSEY. On 1800 Census, William was gone and John and Abraham were still there. These Bucks County, Pennsylvania DECOURSEYs were most likely descendants of Benjamin, son of Cornelius CORSSEN VROOM (1645-1693) and Marritje JACOBS van der GRIFT.
1776On 23 August 1776, Luther BARNEY joined a company at Norwich, Conn. commanded by Col. Joshua HUNTINGTON. They sailed for Newark, New Jersey, and then marched to New York City to join a regiment commanded by Col. SHELDON. The regiment was camped outside the city near the East River. After a defeat in the Battle of Long Island, WASHINGTON managed to withdraw his troops to Manhattan Island. As the British forces crossed the East River from Long Island, a skirmish took place. Luther BARNEY's commanding officer, Col. SHELDON, was wounded and taken prisoner. Second Lieutenant John WHEATLY also was shot and killed within 10 feet of Luther BARNEY. Unable to resist the advancing British forces, the Americans began to retreat. They first withdrew to Harlem Heights in upper Manhattan and there engaged in another skirmish. about one mile from Luther BARNEY's position, Col. KNOWLTON was killed. Following this battle, WASHINGTON withdrew his forces to White Plains. Luther BARNEY was detached and ordered to help guard the public stores at North Castle and Cranford until January 1777 when he was discharged and returned to his home at Norwich, Conn.
BARNEY FAMILY NEWSLETTER, No.24, p.12-18; Revolutionary War Pension File #W.4124.
1777Brewer DECKER, "yoeman", of Delaware Twp., Northampton Co., Penna. made his will 10 Jan. 1777 (probated 23 Apr. 1777). He named wife, Marratie and children: Hendrive (eldest son); Johannis; Elisha; Jacob; Yanatie (wife of James WESTFALL); Magdalena (wife of Lourence DECKER); and Leah (deceased). Witnesses were Gilbert VanGORDEN, Lodowick HOVER; and Yost CHESTNOR.
1777General HEATH, in Jan 1777, organized a militia group in Westchester county. "The English depended upon Tories who had joined them, while the Americans had a regular body of guides many of whom became deservedly famous, not only for their knowledge of the land, but for their skill and daring in the fights which occurred when the rival parties met. The services of these 'Westchester Guides' were so important that their names deserve to be recorded. They were Abraham and Michael DYCKMAN of Kingbridge, Isaac and Cornelius OAKLEY of Westchester; the tree brothers John, Abraham and Isaac ODELL of Greenburgh; Isaac or 'UK' ODELL and Martin POST of Yonkers; the brothers John and Peter PYNE from the country along the Croton; Samuel YOUNGS and John McCHAIN of the Manor of Philipsburgh; David HUNT of Westchester; William GREENE of Lower Yonkers and William N. DYCKMAN. To these names may be added Andrew CORSA who on account of his youth only acted on two or three important occasions during the later years of the war." Note that some of the close relatives of the CORSA and VERMILYEA family served in this Militia. Isaac ODELL had married Hannah VERMILYEA, a half-sister of Thuenis CORSA (Dennis DeCOURSEY). Two other half-siblings had married DYCKMANs. Andrew CORSA was a cousin, the son of Isaac CORSA and Mary GIBB.
DAR LINEAGE #84091, #133270 Andrew CORSA.
1777Maria, dau. of Benjamin COURSE and Jannetje VanNAKE was baptized, 1 June 1777, in Deerpark (Machackemeck), NY. Witnesses were Joseph DRECK or DECKER and Gretje VanNAKE (VanAKEN).
See also OLDE ULSTER, v.VI,p.188.
1777Jacobus TELLER, j. m., born on the Manor of Cortlandt, and Aaltie VERMILLIE, j. d., born on the Manor of Fordham, "each living at his or her birthplace," were married, 1777, in the Dutch Reformed Church of Phillipsburgh (Tarrytown, N.Y.).
1777Gideon "Killian" VanAKEN (1755-1835), son of Gideon and Maria (PLOEG) VanAKEN, married 22 June 1777, at Kingston, New York to Elizabeth MASTEN, dau. of Aart MASTEN of Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., New York. Gideon VanAKEN died 7 June 1835 at Johnston, Trumbull Co., Ohio.
See OLDE ULSTER, vol.V., p.218; Pension File #S16277.
1777Peter DeCOURSEY "Enl. 1777 under Capt Dathic HEWIT; was with his Co. at defeat at Wyoming but escaped and reenlisted with a Northampton co.,PA Regt. He was in camp at Morristown with Col HARTLEY of VA and was discharged at Trenton, NJ having served 3 years. He was a resident of Newton twp.,Trumbull co., OH"
See also SAR #101318.
For information on Wyoming Valley Companies and Colonel HARTLEY see Pennsylvania Archives, Ser.2, v.10&11, p.777,111.
1777On 27 Sept. 1777, Joseph CHESTNOR and James CHESTNOR signed an Oath of Allegiance in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania.
1777Jacob DECKER of Delaware Twp., Northampton Co., Penna. made his will 29 Sept. 1777 (probated 2 Aug. 1795). He name wife, Margaret; and Children: Beaver (eldest son),; Magdalena; Maria; Abraham; and "youngest son unnamed" Ezekiel. Witnesses were Ezekiel DECKER, Elias DECKER and Joseph CHESTNOR.
1777Before 1777, there were families of DECKERS, VANETTEN, INNES, WESTFALL, KUYKENDALL, DePUE, DeWITT, COX and others who had emigrated from the forks of the Delaware in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the District of West Augusta, Yohogania County, Virginia. They probably settled on part of the 40,000 acre "Vanmeter Land Grant" which John VANMETER had obtained from Governor GOOCH and sold in 1732 to Joist HITE.
John Walter Wayland's "The Germans of the Valley," THE VIRGINIA MAGAZINE (April 1902), v.X, pp.35-36.
1777While a resident of Winchester, Virginia, Nicholas HELMICK (1760c.-1844) enlisted in September, 1777, and served three years and nine months under General George CLARK, as a private in Captian John CHAPMAN's company in Colonel CROCKETT's Virginia regiment. He marched from the Allemarle, Virginia to Fredericktown, Maryland; thence to Shepherdstown on the Potomac; to the Newstone? within about twelve miles of Pittsburgh, Penna.; down the Ohio River to Wheeling; thence to the falls of the Ohio River; and on to a mudfort at Fall River, Kentucky, where Ensign BULLOCK gave him a written discharge from the Army of the United States. Nicholas HELMICK stated, in 1832, that these discharge papers were placed into the possession of one, Mrs. GRUNDY, for safe keeping, but shortly after the war Mrs. GRUNDY's house was destroyed by fire.
1777cJohn DeCOURCY, the 26th Baron Kingsale, son of John, the 25th Baron sat first in the House of Peers, 28 Oct 1777. He married, 1763, Susanna, dau. of Conway BLENNERHASSET and by her had issue four sons and three daughters.
1777An Adam HELMICK, of Hampshire County, Virginia, made his will, 11 November 1777 (Inventory, 14 April 1778).
Ross B. Johnston, WEST VIRGINIA ESTATE SETTLEMENTS, (1977), p.12.
1777Benjamin SCHOONOVER married, ca.1777/78, probably at Sussex Co., New Jersey, to Lydia VANAUKEN. They moved from the Delaware River valley before 1800 to Tioga Co., New York, and were in Franklin County Indiana before 1820. A descendant is Ellen R. HIRSCHY of Geneva, Indiana 46740.
1777David VanAKEN (1737-1777), son of Cornelius VanAKEN, died in 1777 or 1778. In 1784 some of his younger children, including Catherine, were living in the household of Peter CORSA (Peter DECOURSEY) of Shawnee Twp., Northumberland Co., Penna. and Delaware Twp., Northampton (Pike) County, Penna.
1777Hendrikas, son of David and Magdalena (SCHOONMAKER) VanAKEN, was born 1777c. about the time of the death of his father.
1778Peter RIESER (Peter DECOURSEY??) signed an Oath of Allegiance in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, on 3 Jan 1778.
1778A fort was erected in Minisink at the house of Daniel Van AUKEN (He was born 1735 and married Lea KITTLE) in "the lower neighborhood," by order of the committee of safety in 1778. On 20 July 1779, the Van AUKEN home and fort halted a party of Bradt's Indian Raiders "while they exchanged shots with Mr. AUKEN and then set everything afire. Mrs. AUKEN hid safely in tall grass along the brook nearby. One of Van AUKEN's sons (Jeremiah) was master of the school nearby, and he was seized and taken away, ---"
Charles E. Stickney, A HISTORY OF THE MINISINK REGION (1867), p.137;
YESTERYEARS, v.8, pp.8-16.
1778VanAKEN Revolutionary War Pensioners include the following:
Abraham G.NYMaria LOWW16454
BenjaminPaMargaret CHESNEYW 3630
JosephNJS 6307
JohnPaMargaret WESTFALLW25827
LeviNYElizabeth TERPENINGW18213
NathanielNYMary WESTBROOKW 6360
1778A General Muster Roll of Col. Jacob STROUD's Sixth Battalion of Northampton co., PA Militia for May 14, 1778, lists Peter CORSA (Peter DeCOURSEY), together with several of his relatives and neighbors serving in Capt. John VanETTEN's 4th Company. Also on this list was a half-brother, Benjamin CORSA (also known as Benjamin RACER). Benjamin's descendants took the surname "RACER", and settled in the area of Marietta, Ohio. Present day RACER descendants in Ohio, PA, and WV are aware of their DeCOURSEY heritage and roots. Others listed on this muster roll include: James CHESNOR (brother-in-law to Benjamin CORSA-RACER), Ludwick HOVER (a cousin of who later moved to Ohio with Peter DECOURSEY), John VanETTEN (to Ohio with Peter DECOURSEY), Moses VanGARDEN (a cousin), Alexander VanGARDEN, Isaac VanGARDEN, Andrew DINGMAN (see below), Daniel SHOEMAKER, Henry SHOEMAKER, etc.
PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES Series 5, Vol.8, pp.425-440,481.
See also: SAR #101318; Pension file #W6348 (Moses VanGORDON);
Pension File #W.6349 (Alexander VanGORDEN);
Pension file #S43482 (Bernardus DENMARK);
Pension File #S22731 (Andrew DINGMAN);
Pension File #S5306 Benjamin BRINK.

Col. Jacob STROUD, commander of the unit in which Peter DECOURSEY served, was raised at Shawnee (Smithfield) by Nicholas DEPUI, nephew of Rachel (VANGORDON) SCHOONMAKER-DECOURSEY.
See Hillman's OLD DANSBURY, p.24.

Nicholas DUPEY married his cousin, Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER, dau. of Benjamin SCHOONMAKER and Elizabeth DEPUY and niece of Jochem SCHOONMAKER and Rachel VanGORDON. The "Moses DOOPEY" (b.1762) who vouched for the Revolutionary Service of William DECOURSEY, b.1756, of North Carolina and Kentucky, was a cousin of William DECOURSEY.

1778Moses VanGORDON, son of Jacobus VanGORDON, served with Peter CORSA (Peter DECOURSEY) in Col. Jacob STROUD's Regiment, Captain John VanETTEN's Company, of the Northampton County, Penna. Militia during the American Revolution. In his pension papers filed in 1832, he describes the Revolutionary engagements of this Militia company. He married 12 June 1814, to Mrs. Elsie MIDDAUGH, widow of Levi MIDDAUGH from whom she was divorced in 1812.
See Pension file #W.6348 (Moses VanGORDON); also see #W.6349 (Alexander VanGORDEN).
1778Elias DECKER, born 30 May 1761, served with Peter CORSA (Peter DeCOURSEY) in Col Jacob's STROUD's Regiment, Capt. John VanETTEN' Co., Northampton County Militia during the American Revolution. On 26 Aug 1851, while a resident of Hancock County, Ohio he states that he was born at Upper Smythfield Twp., Northampton Co., Penna. on 30 May 1761, where he lived until some years after the war; from thence he moved with his family to Fairfield County, Ohio and there lived until he came to Egal Twp., Hancock Co., Ohio; he served as a substitute for Abram DEBINS and was placed under the command of John VANNATA, Captain of the militia, and was garrisoned in Sussex County in the State of New Jersey for the purpose of defending the neighborhood against the Indians and Tories. He recalled many skirmishes with the Indians and Tories. " insurrection took place in the neighborhood a party of Indians penetrated the neighborhood and killed some of our people and stole two horses and fifty herd of sheep and fled. Capt. John VANNATA was ordered by Andrew DINGMAN, our committee man to meet Captain John TYLER of the New York militia at Leola to join with a regular officer with his troops to follow the Indians. We took up out time of march five days, and the Indians and some Tories was killed and taken prisoner and the property brought back and sold, and the money was divided with the men to the amount of $5 each, and other similar circumstances transpired during my service. I also remember the troops that crossed the Delaware River under the direction of our Commity man Dingman who had the charge of the boats at the ferry. I was engaged two days on ferrying those troops across the Delaware River to join General WASHINGTON at Yorktown in Virginia for th purpose of taking CORNWALIS."

Bible Records included in his pension record papers show that Elias DECKER was born, 30 May 1761; that he married, 17 February 1785, to Cate LINE, born 27 Feb. 1759. Their children were: Elisha DECKER b. 28 Aug. 1785; Clarry DECKER b. 12 Oct. 1787; Coonrod DECKER, b. 13 Nov. 1789; John DECKER b. 7 March 1792; Eve, born 7 Nov. 1793; --?-- DECKER, b. 21 Aug. 1795; Cornelias DECKER, b. 21 May 1797; Marey DECKER, b. 14 Nov. 1798; Anney DECKER, b. 31 Dec. 1800; Andrew DECKER, Junr., b. 8 Aug. 1803. Elias appears to have married 2nd to Mary --?--, born 8 Aug. 1782, and had a child by her: Isaac B. DECKER, born 11 November 1826.
See National Archives pension file #R2827;
also PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Ser.5,v.8,pp431-432.

1778In 1778, during Brandt's raid, a year before the attack on Machackemeck (now Port Jervis) and the lower valley, a warning had come that Fort DeWitt had been attacked. Everyone hurried to Fort Depuy, a large stone building with a cellar and attic that had been erected earlier, at the time of the French and Indian War, by Moses DePUY. Situated on a knoll, the people could see the Indians maneuvering and sneaking around below, and the officer in charge had the women don uniforms and march around the parade grounds, and the Red Men gave up the plans to attack.
D. Nelson Raynor, "A search for Ancestors and Their Burying Grounds", YESTERYEARS, V.18, NO.72, P.151-156.
1778An Isaac DECKER served several tours of duty with the Pennsylvania and New York Troops during the American Revolution, including service as a substitute for his father, Hendricus DECKER, in Col. Jacob STROUD's Regiment, Capt. John VanETTEN's company. A description of the engagements of Northampton County, units in the Revolution can be found in his pension papers filed in 1832.
See National Archives pension file #S10553;
also PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Ser.5,v.8,pp431-432.
1778Andrew DINGMAN (S22731), Benjamin BRINK (S5306), and Bernardus DENMARK (S43482) were on the same muster roll with Peter CORSA or DeCOURSEY in Capt. John VaNETTEN's 4th company, Jacob Stroud's 6th Bttln.. Northampton Co., Militia. Their pension papers on file at the National Archives reveal much about the activities of this Militia unit:

Bernardus DENMARK enlisted at Walpack, N.J. and served five months in Capt. Chamber's New Jersey Company; he enlisted at Kingston, PA in April 1777, served as a Sgt. in Capt. Derrick HEWETT's Co., Col. Zebulon BUTLER's Conn. Reg't. He stated that he was in the battles of Long Island, White Plaines, and Wyalusing on the Susquehanna River.
Pension File #S43482.

Andrew DINGMAN, in 1775, together with John Cleve SYMMES (a teacher at Walpack, New Jersey and later founder of a colony centered around present Cincinnati, Ohio.) assembled a company of men to fight the British. In 1776 he volunteered under Capt. Johannes VanETTEN to go into Sussex Co., N.J. to apprehend and take prisoner a number of Tories, that were held in the Jail of Sussex Co. (among them was one by the name of PUE and one of the name of HAGERTY). In Aug 1776 while serving under Capt. Johannes VanETTEN, he marched to Amboy, at the time the British lay on Long Island, where a battle was fought. In 1777 he was called out in the militia under Capt. NELSON and Lieut. Cornelius DECKER, and marched to White Marsh where he served two months. Then he went to Allentown to receive his pay. Receiving none, he bore his own expenses home. In the fall of the year 1778 he served as Commissary and Quarter-master under Major HOPKINS for part of General POLASKI's Legion, under the command of Col COHOTZ. He was stationed at Decker's Ferry, Walpack Township, Sussex Co., N.J. for winter quarters. A Captain by the name of BADKIN was also stationed at that place. IN the spring of 1779, he enrolled in the Penna. Militia under Capt. Johannes VanETTEN and manned a fort that his father had built in Delaware Twp. (now) Pike County, Penna. Andrew DINGMAN mentions a brother Isaac DINGMAN and cousins, David and Henry DECKER who were killed in 1779 by the Indian allies of the British. Shortly thereafter in 1779 he volunteered under Capt. Emanuel HOVER against the Indians, "a body of whom had been murdering several persons and burning houses in Peenpack, N.Y." The Indians were commanded by the noted Indian Warrior Capt. Joseph BRANDT. When the company arrived at the mouth of the Lakawausen River, they fought a battle (The battle of Laikawaxsen). Afterwards he enlisted under Samuel WESTBROOK and Capt. Peter WESTBROOK, two brothers from New Jersey and Capt. Johannes VanETTEN and Lieut. Benjamin ENNES of the State of Penna. They were engaged in a skirmish on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River near a house occupied by Philip McCARTY. The Indians retreated and laid in ambush and again gave battle, in which Capt. Peter WESTBROOK, Lieut Benjamin ENNES, and a young man by the name of Richard ROSENCRANTZ were killed. Samuel HELMS and James Van ETTEN were Wounded.
Nat'l Archives pension file #S22731;
also PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Ser.5,v.8,pp431-432.

1778In July 1778, a force of British and Indians, under the leadership of a Tory named BUTLER, and BRANDT, a Mohawk chief, came from Fort Niagara with 1,000 men and attacked settlements in the Wyoming Valley and Northampton co., PA. The settlers collected at Fort Forty and Fort Pitt for protection, but the garrison of some 300 men marched out to meet the enemy in battle. They were quickly overwhelmed, many being captured and massacred by the Indians. About 300 persons perished. - Information from Alma BEATTY of Reno, NV (deceased). For a good account of BRANDT's attack on our relatives living in the Wyoming settlement and Minisink region see Barbara Graymont's OUR CHILDREN TREMBLED, The Iroquois in the American Revolution, p.199-210.
See also, CONNECTICUT COURANT, July 23, 1778 (on Microfilm at the Univ. of Minnesota Library);
Harry T. Gumaer, A MINISINK FRAGMENT (1981), p.16-24.

Solomon J. WESTBROOK was interviewed by Solomon VanETTEN in 1889. He related the following:

"I am 82. I was born Sept. 1, 1807 in New Jersey three miles below the brick house on the farm now owned by Jacob WESTBROOK. My mother's name was Jane DECKER, daughter of Major (Johannes) DECKER (1735-1817), a major all through the Revolutionary War. My grandfather was John I. WESTBROOK (m. Hester SHIMER).

"The Black Rock Schoolhouse stood over the brook at the time they made the raid here and Uncle Ben DECKER (m. 1788 Rachel CORTRECHT) and Dan DECKER (m. Catherine ROSECRANS) went to school there.

"When Brant came through, there was a VanAUKEN taught there and he could not get away. He was lame. He told the children to go out and get away, but they could not. They took many of the boys prisoners and a part of them went down to where your grandfather (Anthony VanETTEN) lived. The old stone house was there and some went into the house and some stayed outside and got playing around the house. There was a lot of old women in the house. They sat on the bench of slabs and told the boys to crawl under their dresses under the bench and in that way saved them. Brant and the rest of the Indians came along and they told them that the rest of the Indians had taken all the boys with them. Yes, the children had to stand outside and see their teacher killed. That is when he marked the girls' aprons.

"When the children were at the schoolhouse, Uncle Ben was a young man and he went and got his books and slate and ran as far as the mill (Solomon Davis's mill) and an Indian came after him....

"Grandfather (Johannes DECKER, Jr.) had been down to Jerry VanAUKEN's to a funeral. It was right in the harvest and they had all the people out of the forts and BRANT came down the road to where a man by the name of WESTBROOK lived. This is where they crossed the river. Major DECKER lived on the place now occupied by Henry G. CUDDEBACK. ...BRANT came in the night. ...there was a thick bunch of pines and there he went in with his Indians and laid there for two days. ...A son of this WESTBROOK had his family there and all his goods. He turned out to be a Tory and went and got BRANT to come down through the valley. After they saw Grandfather go off, WESTBROOK went to the barn and began to peek around the corner. Grandmother (Magdalena WESTBROOK DECKER 1716) and a colored woman were out laying clothes on the grass...saw him...had no idea that he was a Tory. ...He went and got an armful of wood and laid it on the floor...and said 'I am going to set the house on fire.' ...Grandfather had bought his farm from the Indians. ...BRANT stood in the yard. She went right up to him and spoke to him. Just then an Indian came out with my mother on his arm and he told the Indian to give up the child to my grandmother and he did. Grandmother asked BRANT if he would allow her to go into the house and take any goods. He said 'Yes.' ...BRANT told an Indian to go over and take the goods wherever she wanted them. ...She went back and got another load and BRANT sent another Indian to help her. Grandfather was down to the funeral and when he went to look after his horse, he saw smoke and knew it was his buildings. He started and when he got to VanVLIET's there he met BRANT with his raid and his house was going so fast that he rode right trough them. One Indian shot him through his hip. When he got to the top of the hill, there was a chestnut tree cut down and his horse run right into that and got fast. He went on and hid in a seam in the rocks."
THE DECKER QUARTERLY (October 1980), Vol.I, No.1.

1778Lieut. John CHAMBERS and Lt. John WETZEL in a letter dated July 8, 1778 wrote to Vice President George BRYON of Council, Philadelphia: "That a letter from Colonel STROUD of the Sixth Battalion of Northampton County, informs them that a body of Indians and white men are upon their march to the settlements upon Delaware, they being discovered at the mouth of the Lackawaxen and moving towards Shaholy. By the best information we receive we learn that Wyoming is finally destroyed, upon which we have ordered out half of the battalion of the county; but by all accounts it is not a sufficient number to withstand their force as we suppose this to be a different number from those at Wyoming, which by them that made their escape, their number is supposed to be between seven and eight hundred."
See also YESTERYEARS, 8-29,p.8-16.
1778In 1778 Luther BARNEY served 101 days as a privateer on board the ship "General Putnam" under Captain Thomas ALLEN. During that time, six British ships were captured. In April 1779, Luther BARNEY again sailed on board the "General Putnam" for a period of about three months, during which time the ship was in a number of engagements including the capture of a British ship mounting 14 guns. About August 1779 Luther BARNEY returned to his home in Norwich, where he married his first wife, Niber "Nabby" Abigail WINSHIP.
Revolutionary War Pension File #W.4124.
1778Abraham VanAKEN (1750-1801c.), son of Gideon and Maria (PLOEG) VanAKEN, married 13 Oct. 1778, to Mary LOWE.
See Pension File #W16454.
1778A list of Rangers of the Frontiers, Westmoreland County, 1778-83 lists Michael FRANKS in both Thos. CARR's company and Wm. PERRY's company
1778The will of James DEVOOR (DEAVER) of Yohogania County, Virginia; dated 14 November 1778, was attested by Nicholas DEPUE, Tobias DECKER and Daniel DEPUE, Jr.; and proved March 1779. Beneficiaries were children: Jacob, Andrew, Henry, John, Sarah PEARSHAL, Samuel; children under age: David, Moses, Catharine, Francis, James. All his real estate, except the Ferry ("on Monongohale River, from his house over the river to the Mouth of Pidgeon Creek") went to sons David and Moses; however, the court later allotted one third of the Landed Estate to James DEVOIR's widow or Relict, Elizabeth DEVOIR. John DEVOIR was executor of the will.
Boyd Crumrine, VIRGINIA COURT RECORDS IN SOUTHWESTERN PENNSYLVANIA, (1974 Reprint), II, 301,346,395,396, III, p.327, I, 526,531.
1779Garret SCHOONMAKER was a taxpayer in Lower Smithfield in 1779.
Heidgerd, Ruth P., THE SCHOONMAKER FAMILY, Part One, p.29.
1779Abraham LENT, married, 10 January 1779, to Margaret WALDRON, daughter of William and Antie (MYER) WALDRON.
James Riker, REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM (1904), p.705.
1779Near what is now Deerpark, Daniel VanAKEN, son of Abraham and Jannetje (DEWITT) VanAKEN built a fort. A marker read:


The above marker was destroyed by highway realignment about 1965. Near the site a burial was uncovered by an excavation thought to be that of victims of the raid, both white and indian. Daniel's wife, Lea (KITTLE) VanAUKEN, supposedly escaped the massacre directed against Fort VanAuken by lying in a ditch near the Fort.
Barbara Graymont, THE IROQUOIS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, pp.198-209, passim.

1779Luther BARNEY married first, 5 September 1779, to Abigail "Niber" WINSHIP, born 21 January 1758, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (LATHROP) WINSHIP. Luther and Niber (WINSHIP) BARNEY had children: Sophia m. 1797 Henry Franklin RUSSELL; William Pitt BARNEY; Charles BARNEY m. 1805 Mercy YOEMAN; Philemon BARNEY m. Lucy HEDDON; Joseph Winship BARNEY m. 1808 Betsey DELAMATER; Luther BARNEY, Jr. married 1813 Lavina LOOMIS; Nathan BARNEY; Betsey BARNEY; William BARNEY; and Samuel Case BARNEY m. 1827 Eliza BEMUS. Wesbrook, Mary, JACOB BARNEY, 1634
(Barney Family Historical Association 1982);
BARNEY FAMILY NEWSLETTER, No.22, pp.4-7, No.47, p.13.
1779Nancy, dau. of Beniaman RASER and Mary CHESNOR was baptized, 18 Aug 1779, in the DRC of Walpack, NJ.
1780cJonathan FOWLER sold a tract in Westchester Co., NY to Isaac CORSA "next to Eastchester Line on Boston Post Road. Fronting on the Post Road from N.Y. to Boston".
1780Dinis, born 18 Jan 1779, in Smithfield, Delaware Twp., Penna, son of Benjamin CORSA and Mary CHESNOR was baptized, 2 July 1780, in Walpack, NJ. He was surnamed Dennis RACER. He married, 28 Jan 1802, to Polly HOLDEN, who died 23 Feb 1871. They had nine children. He died 13 Sept. 1871 in Delaware Co., Indiana. A descendant, Wyatt William POSEY, was living in Hicksville, Ohio in 1970's. Note is taken that the 1850 census shows his birthplace as "Maryland" and the 1860 & 1870 census as "Delaware" (Township?).
1780At Court held for Yohogania County, Virginia, 26 June 1780, it was "ordered that John DECKER be summoned to appear at the next Court to show cause why he Detains Elizabeth the Daughter of Jacob KUYKENDALL and the he bring the said Elizabeth with him before the Court as aforesaid."
1780James CHESTNOR married about 1780 to Susan CUSTARD, b.1762, dau. of William and Sara (SWARWOUT) CUSTARD.

The Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records list the following people who had children baptized in one of the three churches in the Valley:

James CHESTNOR and Susanna CUSTARD
Mary CHESNOR and Beniaman RASER*
Mary CHESNOR and Benjamin CURSAN*
Maria CASTNOR and Benyamen RASOR*
Mary CHESNON and Benjamin CORSA*
Margariet CHESNOR and Benjamin VanAKEN
Margariet CHESNEY and Benjamin V. AKEN
Margaret CHASNOR and Benjamin Van AKEN
William CUSTARD and Sarah SWARWOUT
William CUSTARD and Elizabeth VanCAMPEN
William CUSTARD and Elizabeth Van CAMP
Rebecca CUSTERD and Samuel DECKER
Bernardus SWARTWOOD and Margrietje DECKER.
* The same couple

Information from Evelyn Youngren of Lexington, Mass.

1780Luther BARNEY moved in 1780 to New Marlboro, Berkshire County, Massachusetts; and Sophia, first child of Luther and "Nabby" (WINSHIP) BARNEY, was born 13 July 1780.
1781Henry FRANKS, while a resident of German Township, Fayette Co., Penna., enlisted 29 June 1781 and served in Capt. Michael CATT's Company; marched to Wheeling, Va., where he joined General George CLARK's expedition and went down the Ohio River to the Little Kanawha River; and joined Colonel LOCHRY, who took command from there down the Ohio River to the Big Miami, where they were attacked by Indians and "adopted"; later they were returned by the British.
1781A list of rateables in the town of Westmoreland, Wyoming Co., PA on 20 Aug 1781, includes Benjamin RACER with 1 cow and 2 horses.
See Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden's, THE MASSACRE OF WYOMING (1895), p.81.
1781In September 1781, Luther BARNEY, sailed from New London on board the brigantine "Favorite" under the command of Capt. Jonathan BUDDINGTON. After being at sea for about 10 days, the "Favorite" and her crew were captured by the British ship, "Medes". Soon after his capture, Luther BARNEY was put aboard the British frigate "Iris". Luther's brother Edwin BARNEY, was also captured by the British and died of small pox on a prison ship. Just prior to the famous naval battle of Virginia Capes, the British frigate "Iris" was captured by the French fleet led by Admiral Francois le COMPTE de GRASSE. Nine American sailors who, including Luther BARNEY were impressed into service by the French forces under the command of the Marquis de LAFAYETTE. These sailors helped transport troops from Annapolis to Yorktown, and performed other services with the French fleet. "There is considerable evidence that these nine sailors were the only Americans to actually witness the French victory over the British at the Battle of the Virginia Capes." After the surrender of Cornwallis on 19 Oct. 1781, Luther BARNEY was released and put ashore at Yorktown. He went to General WASHINGTON for assistance, and he was given a document which would provide him food from the public stores until he got home to his wife and child.
1781On 2 October 1781, Jacob LIVINGOOD was commissioned as Captain to raise a company of riflemen for service on the frontier, until 1 January 1782.
Pennsylvania-German Society, PROCEEDINGS AND ADDRESSES at ALLENTOWN, NOVEMBER 2, 1906 (1908), Vol.XVII, p.386.
1782Michael FRANKS was a member of Capt. Thos. CARR's Company, Westmoreland County Militia in 1782.
PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Series.3, v.xxiii, pp.228-31; ser.5, v.IV., p.427 et seq.
1782William Pitt BARNEY, first son of Luther and Niber (WINSHIP) BARNEY was born 20 March 1782, and died on 20 April 1782. About this time Luther BARNEY moved with his family to New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Mass. and lived there for about 18 months before moving to Sandgate Twp., Bennington Co., Vermont, where their third child, Charles BARNEY, was born on 23 March 1783.
1782Barent Van WAGENEN married, 18 September 1782 to Rachel VanAKEN, at the Dutch Reformed Church on the Rhinebeck Flatts, Dutchess County, New York.
1783In the tax lists of Springhill Twp., Westmoreland Co., Penna. for 1783 in Springhill Twp. appear Michael FRANKS, Sr., 10 acres; Michael FRANKS, 40 acres; Jacob FRANKS, 30 acres; Peter BACCHUS, 40 acres; Jacob FIRST, 20 acres; James FLEEHARTY, 16 acres; and in Menallen Twp. appears Henry FRANKS.

Fayette County, Penna was formed in 1783 out of Westmoreland County which had been formed out of Bedford County in 1773.

1783Benyamin, (illegitimate?) son of Peter CORSA and --?-- PEEKE, was baptized, 25 May 1783 in the Dutch Reformed Church of Walpack, Sussex Co., NJ. The notation in the record written in Dutch indicates that the child was illegitimate.
1783Peter CORSA (Peter DeCOURSEY), son of Jochem and Rachel (VanGORDON) SCHOONMAKER and step-son of Teunis CORSA (also known as Teunis REESER, Dennis RACER, Teunis CORSA, Dennis DeCOURSEY), married about 1783, to his cousin, Magdelena VanAKEN, dau. of David and Madelena (SCHOONMAKER) VanAKEN. For VanAKEN see:
Delaware City Chapter DAR, DELAWARE COUNTY, OHIO FAMILY RECORDS (Delaware, Ohio, 1969), pp.9-36.
1784Garrit SCHOONMAKER, Sr. and Garrit SCHOONMAKER, Jr. were among those shut up in the garrison at Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania in 1784. Garret SCHOONMAKER, Jr. and Captain Henry SCHOONMAKER were convicted of a riot in the cause of the Pennamites in 1784.
Heidgerd, Ruth P., THE SCHOONMAKER FAMILY, Part One, p.29.
See also any good American History Book or Encyclopedia on the "Pennamite Wars."
1784Recorded at Northampton County, Penna., 23 Sept. 1784. "A petition of Katherine VANAKER one of the children of David VANAKER late of Delaware Township yeoman deceased intestate (seven years ago) leaving, among other children, Catherine fourteen years old and upwards and now lives with her brother-in-law Peter CORSA of Shawanese Township in the County of Northumberland yoeman."

Note: David VANAKER (VANAKEN) was bpt. 3 May 1737, Minisink, NY. He married Magdelena SCHOONMAKER, dau. of Gerrit & Catherine (DePUY) SCHOONMAKER, and had children: David VanAKEN married Catharine EMMINS; Magdalena VanAKEN married Peter CORSA (Peter DECOURSEY); Catherine VanAKEN married Daniel SWARTHWOUT; Hester VanAKEN; Cornelius VanAKEN; Hendrickas VanAKEN; and perhaps others.

1784Living in Annapolis, Nova Scotia, in 1784, was a Loyalist, Isaac CURSON with 1 man, 1 woman, 2 children over 10, 1 child under 10, and 1 servant.
See Cuyler Reynolds, GENE. & FAMILY HISTORY OF SOUTHERN NEW YORK, v.II,p.617-618.
1785Petrus VanAKEN married, 6 November 1785, to Sarah KIP, at the Dutch Reformed Church on the Rhinebeck Flatts, Dutchess County, New York.
1785Hannah, born 27 Nov 1785, dau. of Peter CORSO and Lena VanAKEN, was baptized, 25 Dec 1785, in the DRC of Walpack, New Jersey.

Hannah DECOURSEY married, 29 Jan 1807, to John PENNELL

1785The Federal tax list of Delaware Twp., Northampton co., PA for 1785 and 1786 lists "Peter CURSAW" owning 2 horses and 2 cattle. Also on this tax list are listed James CHESTNOR, Manuel HOVER, Manual GONSAULUS, Loderwick HOVER, Gilbert VANGORDON, James VANGORDON, Moses VANGORDON, Isaac VANGORDON, John VanETTEN, David VANAUKEN, Allipher VANAUKEN, Alexander VANGORDON, Gilbert VANGORDON, Abraham SHOEMAKER, John van der MARK and other relatives of Peter DeCOURSEY
1785Benjamin, son of Benjamin CORSA (RACER) and Mary CHESNOR, was born, 24 Mar 1785, in Wyoming Co., PA. He married, 1805, to Susan HOLDREN and died, 3 May 1872, in Marietta Twp. Washington Co., Ohio.
1785A list of taxable inhabitants and freemen of German Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio, on 10 August 1785, includes: Jacob FERST, Jacob FRANKS, Michael FRANKS, Jacob HOOVER, Nicholas HELMICK, George HOOVER, and Henry FRANKS.
Franklin Ellis, HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA (1882), v.1, pp.591-592.
1785For the purpose of establishing a church in German Township, Michael FRANKS and others obtained a warrant for a tract of land south of Brown's Run, called the "Straight and Narrow Way," 2 February 1785. Michael FRANKS, Sr. applied for a warrant of 290 acres of land, 2 July 1785, and received it, 19 Nov. 1788, from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His plantation was called "Franconia."
1786In the 1786 assessments for German Twp., Fayette Co., Penna. appears Jacob FRANKS; Michael FRANKS, Sr.; Michael FRANKS, Jr.; Henry FRANKS, a single man.
1786Henry FRANKS (7630-1836) married, April 1786, Fayette Co., Penna, to Christina MASON (1767-1843). They had children: John FRANKS, born 14 Jan 1787, m. Polly HECLLER LACKER; Michael FRANKS, born 4 Sept. 1788, m. Martha THOMPSON; Elizabeth, born 12 Oct. 1791, m. Samuel HIGGINS; Sarah, b. 9 Jan. 1794, m. John ROUTZEN; Henry FRANKS, b. 19 April 1796; Abraham FRANKS, b. 8 Feb. 1798, m. Lydia BLACKER; Uriah, b. 21 Oct. 1799, m. Elizabeth WALTZ; Abigail, b. 14 Feb. 1802; Christiana, b. 15 March 1804; Catharine, b. 17 Aug. 1806; Phebby, b. 1 June 1809.

Henry FRANKS (1764-1836) "was born in Fayette county, Pa., and came to Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio in 1816-17, settling a short distance south of Doylestown, on a farm he entered from the Government, which he subsequently sold to his son, John, when he purchased twenty-five acres east of this, and died May 5, 1836. He was married to Christina MASON (Note - The German MAURER was anglicized to MASON), of his native county, and had five sons and six daughters to wit: John Michael, Henry, Abraham and Uriah; Elizabeth (her husband, samuel HIGGINS, a soldier in the war of 1812, and died in Huron county, OHIO), Sarah (wife of John ROUTSON), Abigail, Christina, Catharine and Phoebe, the latter the only two surviving daughters (in 1878), the sons all being dead (in 1878) but Henry and Uriah. Henry is now eighty-two years of age (in 1878) and has had seven children, and is a member of the Methodist Church. His wife, Susanna (ROUTSON) FRANKS, died in Spencer, Ohio.
Douglas, Ben, HISTORY OF WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO (1878), pp. 850-852.

1786Balthus VanKLEEK married before 1786 to Josyntha CORSA.
NY.GEN.BIOG.REC., v.35,p.16.
1786John BAKER, born 27 Apr 1786, son of Jonathan BAKER and Rachel CORSAN of Smithfield, Penna., was bapt. 23 July 1786, at Deerpark, NY (Machackemeck).
1786Daniel Van GARDEN and Maragrieta MIDDAG were married, 31 May 1786, by Rev. E. Van BUNSHOOTEN, at Shawnee, Penna.
1786David Van GARDEN and Mary EMMANS were married, 14 Sept. 1786, by Rev. E. Van BUNSHOOTEN, at Shawnee, Penna.
1787Jonathan Van GARDEN and Ledea Van SICKEL were married, 11 Feb. 1787, by Rev. E. Van BUNSHOOTEN, at Shawnee, Penna.
1787Matthew WINANS and Mary Van GARDEN were married, 3 July 1787, by Rev. E. Van BUNSHOOTEN, at Shawnee, Penna. They had twelve children including: Samuel WINANS, b. 1788, Jacob WINANS, b. 1792, Matthew WINANS, b. 1798, John WINANS, b.1800, Isaac WINANS, and Clark WINANS, b.1812. In 1800 Matthew and Mary lived in Wayne Co., Penna. By 1826 they lived in the area of Braintrim, Luzerne Co., and then Meshoppen, Wyoming Co., Penna. Phebe and John Van GORDEN also lived there as they appear on the 1830 census for Braintrim.
Information from Helen Greenslit Graves of Redwood City, Calif. - 1988.
1787About 1787 Luther BARNEY moved with his family to Burlington, Chittenden Co., Vermont, where they lived for about eight years.
1788Abraham CORSAN, son of Dennis CORSA and Rachel VANGARDEN, baptized, 2 May 1762, Walpack, New Jersey, married before 1788 to Jane VanDEMARK, bapt. Walpeck, NJ, 6 Feb 1763, dau. of Johannes Van der MARK and Jannetie COURTRIGHT. Abraham and Jannetje (VanDERMARK) CORSA had children Dinis, born 1 Feb. 1789, Rachel, b. 22 May 1791, and Peter, born 7 Feb. 1794.
John W. VanDemark in his VANDEMARK ANCESTRY (1942), p.123, incorrectly places this Abraham CORSAN with the Staten Island CORSON family.
1788Solomon ROSENKRANS and Cattrina Van GARDEN were married, 12 May 1788, by Rev. E. Van BUNSHOOTEN, at Shawnee, Penna.
1788Rachel, born 30 Jan 1788, dau. of Jonathan BEAKER and Rachel CORSON was baptized, 25 May 1788.
1788Jonathan, born 15 June 1788, son of Peter CURSAN and Magdeline VanAKEN was baptized 29 July 1788, in the DRC of Smithfield, Pennsylvania.
1788Federal Tax list of Lower Smithfield, Northampton co., Penna. lists Abraham CUSSAW with 1 cattle.
1788Emanuel HOOVER married, ca.1788, to Cornelia KORTRIGHT, daughter of Elisha and Hulda (DINGMAN) KORTRIGHT. He was a Captian in the New Jersey Militia during the American Revolution. The HOVER's settled in Trumbull County, Ohio, ca.1803.
See: James Riker, REVISED HISTORY OF HARLEM (1904), p.569;
1788cNicholas HELMICK married first, about 1788, at Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, to Mary FRANKS, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth (LIVENGOOD) FRANKS. They had children: Adam married Christina WALTZ; John m. (2nd) Mrs. Mary HOUTER; Michael m. Christina FISHEL; Katherine married Mr. MANNING; Sarah "Sally" married Isaac DECOURSEY; Dorothy married George MANNING; Mary m. George CUMBAUGH; Nancy m. (1st) John MONTGOMERY and (2nd) Aaron SMITH; and Charlotte married John HOLMES.
Franks, Alice A., and Sublette, Donald J., THE MICHAEL FRANKS FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY (Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1979), pp.203-217.
1788Michael FRANKS, Sr. and Michael FRANKS, Jr. patented several hundred acres of land in German Twp., Fayette Co., Penna between 1788 and 1794 on warrants issued 2 July 1785.
Franks, Alice A., and Sublette, Donald J., THE MICHAEL FRANKS FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY (Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1979), p.39.; Pennsylvania Archives.
1789Jacob FRANKS (1768-1836), son of Jacob FRANKS, Sr. (1743-1802) and Barbara (BRANDENBURG) FRANKS, married, 1789, Fayette Co., Penna. to Sarah LIVENGOOD.
1789Dinis, son of Abraham CORSA and Jannetje van de MARK, was baptized, 1 Feb 1789, in the DRC of Smithfiled, Penna.
1789Mary, dau. of Jonathan BEAKER and Rachel CARSON, was bapt., 17 Apr 1789, at Deerpark (Machackemeck), NY.
1789Elizabeth, born 5 Jun 1782; Benjamin, b.25 Mar 1785; and Mary, b.20 Feb 1789, children of Benjamin CURSAN and Mary CHESNOR were baptized, 1 July 1789, in the DRC of Wyoming, Pennsylvania. (Registered in Deerpark, NY). Elizabeth married Aaron STRAIGHT. Benjamin married first Susannah HOLDREN and 2nd Abigail BOSWORTH CHURCHILL. He had 16 children, "all by his first wife!!". Mary married Matthias HOLDREN. Descendants of these children carried the surnames RACER, STAFFORD, MIDDLESWART, SMITH, POSEY, WEST, ALCOCK, PENNY, STRAIGHT, STANLEY, HOLDREN.
1789Catterine, born 17 Mar 1787, and Benjamin, born 15 Feb 1789, children of Thomas and Jenny (HOVER) REED were baptized, 6 July 1789, in the DRC of Deepark (Machackemeck), NY. This family was later to move with the DECOURSEYs to Trumbull County, Ohio. Benjamin REED married Jane DECOURSEY, dau. of Peter DECOURSEY in Trumbull Co., Ohio.
1789Daniel, born 21 Aug 1789, son of Benjamin VanAKEN and Margaret CHESNOR was baptized 11 Oct 1789, in the DRC of Deerpark, NY (Machackemeck).
1789John DePUY of Lower Makefield - Bucks Co., Penna. Administration, 1789, #2172.
1790Luther BARNEY, son of Luther and Niber Abigail (WINSHIP) BARNEY, was born in 1790 in Burlington, Chittenden Co., Vermont.
1790Rachel, dau. of Moses VanGORDON and Elizabeth VanETTEN, was born 1 Apr 1790. She married Jacob RESER and died, 8 Oct 1853, in Winnebago Co., Illinois.
See Eva Alice Scott's JACOBUS JANSEN VAN ETTEN, p.64-65.
1790The index to the 1790 Federal Census of Pennsylvania lists:

DUPEYDaniel, Sr.219Philadelphia
DUPEYDaniel, Jr.228Philadelphia

1790The Index to the Federal Census of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 1790, lists: Anthony VANAKEN, Benjamin VANAKEN, Casper VANAKEN, David VANAKEN, Eliphas VANAKEN, Herman VANAKEN, Jacob VANAKEN, James VANAKEN (2), John VANAKEN (2), John VANAKEN, Jr., Levy VANAKEN.
1790The index to the Federal Census of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 1790, lists: Alexander VanGARDON, Alexander VanGARDON, Jun., David VanGARDON, Gilbert VanGARDON, Isaac VanGARDON, James VanGARDON, Jonathan VanGARDON, Joseph VanGARDON, Moses VanGARDON.
1790James CHESTNOR is listed on the 1790 census of Delaware Twp., Northampton Co., Penna. with 1 male under 16, 1 male over 16, and 5 females.

Joseph CHASTNOR is listed on the 1790 census of Delaware Twp., Northampton Co., Penna. with 1 male over 16, and 3 females.

1790Census of Delaware Twp. and Lower Smithfield, Northampton County, Pennsylvania lists:

Peter CURSAW with 1 m. over 16, 2 m. under 16 & 2 females.
Abraham CURSAW with 1 m. over 16, 1 m. under 16 & 1 female.
Jacob VanAKEN - 2 males over 16, 3 females.
Herman VanAKEN - 1 m. over 16, 2 m. under 16, 3 females.
Casper VanAKEN - 1 m. over 16, 1 m. under 16, 2 females.
James VanAKEN - 1 m. over 16, 1 m. under 16, 1 female.
Benjamin VanAKEN - 1 m. over 16, 3 m. under 16, 2 female.
Joseph PINNEL - 1 m. over 16, 1 m. under 16, 1 female
Alexander FLEMMING - 3 m. over 16, 5 m. under 16, 2 females
Larence FLEMMING - 1 m. over 16, 2 m. under 16, 3 females.
Cornelius DePUE - 1 m. over 16, 3 m. under 16, 3 females.
Nicholas DePUE - 5 m. over 16, 6 m. under 16, 11 females.
Aaron DePUE - 2 m. over 16, 1 male under 16, 5 females.
Peter PEW - 1 male over 16, 3 females
Jacob STROUD - 11 males over 16, 5 m. under 16, 10 females.
Manuel HOVER - 4 m. over 16, 2 m. under 16, 7 females.
Jeremiah FLEMING - 1 male over 16, 2 m. under 16, 4 females.
Ezekiel SCHOONHOVEN - 2 m. over 16, 2 m. under 16, 3 female.
James CHASTNER - 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 5 females.
Joseph CHASTNER - 1 male over 16, 3 females.
David VANAKEN - 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 2 females.

1790Census of Lower Smithfield, Northampton Co., Penna., 1790, p.174 lists:

m. over 16 m. under 16females
VANAKEN, Jacob203
VANAKEN, Herman123
VANAKEN, Casper112
VANAKEN, James113
VANAKEN, Benjamin132
CURSAW, Peter122
CURSAW, Abraham111
PINNEL, Joseph111
FLEMMING, Alexander352
FLEMMING, Larence123

1790The First Census of the U.S. in 1790 lists the following FRANKS living in German Twp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania:

Michael FRANKS, Sr., 1 male over 16 years.
Michael FRANKS, Jr., 2 males over 16, 4 m. under 16, 4 females.
Jacob FRANKS, 1 male over 16, 2 females.
George FRANKS, 1 male over 16, 2 m. under 16, 2 females.
Jacob FRANKS, 2 males over 16, 1 male under 16, 4 females.
Henry FRANKS, 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, 1 female.

(In order - Michael and Jacob were sons of Michael Sr., George and Jacob were sons of Jacob, and Henry son of Michael).

1790Two Nicholas HELMICKs are listed on page 107 of the 1790 Census of German Twp., Fayette Co., Pennsylvania: Nicholas HELMICK with 1 male over 16, 4 males under 16, and 3 females; and Nicholas HELMICK, Jr. with 1 male over 16 and two females. Another Nicholas HELMICK and a Peter HELLMICK are listed on page 25, 1790 Census, in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.
1790Nicholas HELMICK, Abram FRANKS, and Robert ROSS, all of German Twp., Fayette Co., Penna. served in the Indian War of 1790-94 under "Mad Anthony" WAYNE.
1790A Peter SHOEMAKER, Pvt. received Land Warrant #13715 in the Military District of Ohio (A/1/233) on 31 Dec 1790. (Perhaps Peter SCHOONMAKER alias Peter DECOURSEY??? - or may be different Peter).
1791Rachel, dau. of Abraham CORSA and Jannetje van de MARK was baptized, 22 May 1791, in the DRC of Smithfield, PA.
1791cGilbert TRACY (1761-1841) married 9 April 1791, at Ulysses (Ithaca), New York, to Deborah WOODWORTH, born 2 August 1772. He served in the American Revolution from Connecticut. He was age 80 in 1840, a resident of Cayuga Co., New York. Gilbert and Deborah (WOODWORTH) TRACY had children: Durastus TRACY, b. 23 Dec. 1791, d. 13 Oct. 1812; Ezra TRACY, b. 16 May 1793, married 8 Feb. 1616 Harriet PAPINOS; Evander TRACY, b. 8 Sept. 1794; Mercy TRACY, b. 1 June 1796 m. James THOMPSON; Kester TRACY, b. 14 April 1798; Elvira TRACY, b. 10 Jan. 1800, m. 18 December 1817 Stephen WEST; Philand TRACY, b. 5 Oct. 1801; Clarinda TRACY, b. 29 Sept. 1803; Seneca TRACY, b. 6 Oct. 1806; Paulina TRACY, b. 30 Sept. 1808, m. Harvey TOWNE; Gilbert W. TRACY, b. 26 Dec. 1810; Phebe S. TRACY, b. 1 Oct. 1813, m. Mr. THOMPSON; and Mary TRACY, born 27 Sept. 1816.
Revolutionary War Pension File #W.4088.
1792Joseas TICHSORD (TITSORT) and Mary Van GARDEN were married, 7 June 1792,, by Rev. E. Van BUNSHOOTEN, at Shawnee, Penna.
1792Michael FRANKS, Sr. made his will on 27 December 1792. He named as his heirs: Sons Michael FRANKS and Jacob FRANKS and daughter Cathren BACUS. His sons Michael and Jacob FRANKS were named executors, and witnesses were Isaac BARTLETT, Thomas BARTLETT, and Matthias HANFIELD.
1793Prior to 1793, a log meeting-house, "The Old Dutch Church," was erected in German Twp., Fayette Co., Penna., on the property purchased for that purpose, in 1785, by Michael FRANKS. It had a gallery, a rude pulpit or seat for the minister, and rough seats for the congregation. The first minister was the Rev. John STOUGH, who was licensed to preach by the Lutheran Synod of Philadelphia. Among the first congregation were: John HUHN, Philip LAWRENCE, Francis FAST, William FAST, Michael and Jacob FRANK, Henry BARRICKMAN, Daniel SCHMIDT.
Franklin Ellis, HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA (1882), v.1, pp.597.
1793Michael FRANKS, Sr.'s will was probated 1 April 1793 at Fayette Co., Penna.
1793Katherine HELMICK, dau. of Nicholas and Mary (FRANKS) HELMICK, was baptized 31 October 1793, at Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. The Jacob's Lutheran Church Baptismal records show: "Catarina 31 octa. 1793 [parents] niclaus helmich and maria." Sponsors were Jacob FURST and Charlotta. Katherine HELMICK married Mr. MANNING.
1793On 24 May 1793, land was deeded to Peter COURSEE and John CARSON in Delaware twp. Northampton (now Pike) co., PA "eighty acres joining on land of Jonathan BAKER on the west --- on a small run commonly known by the name of Round Hill Run." The land was near land owned by John PRICE, Manuel HOVER, Nicholas DEPUI, James CHESNOR, Benjamin REED, and others who were related to or later removed to Ohio with Peter DeCOURSEY. The Jonathan BAKER who was Peter's neighbor married Rachel CORSON and baptized children in 1786, 1788, and 1794. It is likely that Rachel was a sister of Peter.
See LDS film #5229,pt.6.
Also PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, ser.3,v.26,p.58, ser.3,v.19,p.284.
1793Jane, born 3 Sept. 1790 and Isaac, b. 3 July 1793, children of Peter CUSAW and Leana VanAUKEN were baptized, 4 Aug 1793, in the DRC of Walpack, New Jersey. (Note: This is the baptism of Isaac DeCOURCEY (1793-1884), of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.)
NY.GEN.&BIOG.REC., v.41,p.85.

"At Walpack, Hannah CUSAW born Nov 27, and baptized Dec. 25, 1785; Jane CUSAW, born April 3, 1790 and Isaac CUSAW, born July 3, 1793, children of Leona VanAKEN and Peter CUSAW or CORSO".
OLDE ULSTER MAGAZINE, vol. VI, p.188-189.

1794Abraham, son of Jonathan BAKER and Rachel RESER was baptized, 2 Feb 1794.
1794Peter, son of Abraham CORSA and Jane van de MARK was bapt., 7 Feb 1794, in the DRC of Smithfield, PA.
1794Benjamin RACER "with his wife and four of his children, Dennis, Mary, Elizbeth and Benjamin II emigrated from Wyoming County, Penna and arrived at the stockade at Marietta, Ohio on April 7, 1974." - Clyde W. Powell INFORMATION CONCERNING COUNT DENIS DECOURSEY AND HIS SON BENJAMIN, dated Feb 1, 1946. Clyde Powell further states that the family was descended from a French "Count"; that Dennis DECOURSEY's first wife was French and his second wife Dutch; that Dennis DECOURSEY died in Maryland. He also suggests a possible connection between the French relatives of "Count" Denis and the Irish Kinsale deCOURCY.
1794James CHESNOR deeded land, 7 June 1794, in Northampton County, PA. He was brother-in-law to Benjamin RACER. Major CHESNOR was an engineer, and it is said that he aided General Rufus PUTNAM and the Scioto Company in the settlement of Gallipolis and Marietta, Ohio in 1798. For a description of this early settling of Ohio,
see OHIO ARCHAEOLOGICAL and HISTORICAL SOC. PROCEEDINGS, v.III "Centennial Anniversary of Gallipolis, Ohio - October 1890";
Henry DeCoursey Adams, DECOURSEY, v.1,pp.1-4.
1795James CHESTNOR's signature in found on documents in Luzerne Co., Penna.: caveat filed by Samuel BOWMAN in 1795.
1795cElizabeth DeCOURSEY, dau. of Peter DeCOURSEY was born about 1795.
1795About 1795 Luther BARNEY moved from Burlington, Chittenden Co., Vermont to Chenango Point, Broome Co., New York where they lived about four years.
1796Jacobus VanGORDON, farmer, of Delaware Twp., Northampton Co., Penna. made his will on 13 Feb. 1796, and the will was probated on 25 Feb. 1796. He named wife Catherine and children: Moses; Isaac; Abraham; David; Susannah (wife of John VanCAMPEN); Mary (wife of Parafine JONES); Elizabeth (wife of John HENRY); Catherine (wife of Solomon ROSEKRANTZ). Witnesses were Henry STEEL, Alexander VanGORDON, Jr., and Joseph CHESTNOR.
Abstract of Wills, p.101.
1796Sarah or Salome "Sally" HELMICK, was bapt. 11 June 1796, at Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, as "Salome", dau. Niclaus HELMICK and Elisabeth FRANK, at the Jacob's Lutheran Church of Fayette County. "This church was originally a combined Lutheran and Reformed (Calvinist) Church. It split up sometime before 1800 and the HELMICKS and half the FRANKS went elsewhere to worship." Sally HELMICK married 21 Jan. 1815 at Stark County, Ohio to Isaac DECOURSEY.
Franks, Alice A., and Sublette, Donald J., THE MICHAEL FRANKS FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY (Uniontown, Pennsylvania 1979), pp.203-217.
1797In settlement of the estate of their father, Michael FRANKS, Sr., indentures dated 1 February 1797 were made between Michael and Jacob FRANKS, as executors, to Jacob FRANKS, Jr., Abraham FRANKS (son of Michael II) and to Catherine (FRANKS) BACCUS, as grantees.
Fayette County, Penna. Probate Records.
1798William C. CLARK married, 8 August 1798, at Randolph Co., (W)Virginia to Barbara HELMICK.
Information from Margaret Fenton Gardner of Covina, CA.
1798cPeter DeCOURSEY's family together with Benjamin RACER, Thomas and Benjamin REED, Manual HOVER, Manual GONSAULUS, and several others left the Minisink region at the "forks of the Delaware" settling first at the "Horseshoe Bend area" near the confluence of Allegheny, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties in Pennsylvania, and then, about 1802, moving on to Ohio.
1798cAbraham and David DeCOURSEY (twins), sons of Peter DeCOURSEY were born about 1798, in or near Allegheny Co., PA. "in the horseshoe bend district."
1799Niber Abigail (WINSHIP) BARNEY, first wife of Luther BARNEY, died 20 January 1799, at Burlington, Vermont, leaving him with a newborn infant and several small children. Luther BARNEY married second, 8 October 1799, at Venice, Cayuga Co., New York to Ruth GARRISON, born 24 Jan. 1777.. His occupation was "leather dresser." They were married by David IRISH, an Elder in the Baptist Church. They had children: Sally Maria m. 1818 William KNOWLTON; Lysander BARNEY; Ai BARNEY m. 1831 Sophia Ann Marcilla RIGBY; Benjamin BARNEY; Alva; Zerah "Zee" BARNEY m. 1836 Mary PARKER; Milo BARNEY m. 1844 m. Laura WILBER; Anna BARNEY; and Ruth BARNEY m. Charles G. MAPLES.
Wesbrook, Mary, JACOB BARNEY, 1634 (Barney Family Historical Association 1982).
1799About 1799 Luther BARNEY and family moved about 50 miles northwest to Genoa, Milton County, New York (this county became Cayuga County in 1803).
1799Emanual HOOVER, blacksmith, was a taxpayer in Dunbar Twp., Fayette Co., Penna., in 1799.
Franklin Ellis, HISTORY OF FAYETTE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA (1882), v.1, p.508.
1799In 1799, "Cornelius DuBOIS, a prominent easterner, along with Judson CANFIELD purchased land in Newton Township, Trumbull County, Ohio, from the Connecticut Land Company." Cornelius DuBOIS was a kinsman of Peter DECOURSEY.
OUR LIVING HISTORY (Supplement to NEWTON FALLS HERALD, August 1976), Issue 11, p.4;